Wear Double Breasted Suits For Men

  • Determine Your Body Type– While the double breasted suit looks best on men with medium to tall builds, it can be worn by any body type. However, in order for this type of suit to work well with other builds, it must be tailored to your torso. When the waistline of the jacket is brought in, your shoulders will be much more prominent. This technique, along with the overlapping lapels can reduce the appearance of your waistline.
  • Count The Buttons– When the lapels cross high over your chest, with a smaller opening for the neck, you know you have a true double breasted suit. These suits are designed with buttons on each side of the jacket and one additional fastener on the insider of the jacket. Six buttons are generally the maximum number of buttons on the outside of the jacket, however.
  • Choose Fabrics and Colours That Are Versatile– Double breasted suits for men are a conservative, but timeless option, but if you want to wear them often, you must choose colours and fabrics that are versatile. Wool is typically used for these suits, and allows them to be worn from fall to the late days of spring. When choosing a colour and pattern, opt for a pinstripe or windowpane pattern in dark navy, black, or grey. Pinstripe works well for the business needs and evening events. Windowpane patterns will give you a light a sporty look due to the cut. If you only have one suit, skip the patterns. Go for a solid navy suit that will allow you to choose several different options for accessories and ties.
  • Make Sure To Balance– Balancing double breasted suit jackets and trousers is extremely important. Without the right balance, your jacket could appear too heavy and imposing. Make sure you pair it with trousers that have a pleat at the torso or a heavy ankle cuff.
  • Coordinate– With only a small area at your neckline, the right tie and dress shirt is critical. These provide a focal point for your outfit. With formal events, opt for a French cuffed dress shirt and a coordinating, eye-catching tie. Cufflinks are also a wonderful option for this attire. They will show off your personality and provide additional class and style.