Style of 1930’s Suit

The most dominant fashion trend in the 1930’s in North America till the conclusion of World War II was mostly dealing with the shoulder. From banjo sleeves to butterfly sleeves and overstated shoulder pads these became extremely popular by the 1940’s. This period also witnessed the extensive application and utilization of manmade threads that included rayon and synthetic. The 1930s suit was more flexible and softer in construction than suits of previous times.

The main feature of the 1930s men suit was the extra fabric at the shoulder. Whether it was a light padding or fuller sleeves the cut of the suit was sure to enhance your look. This new style of suit was adopted by celebrities too very enthusiastically. For summer evening men would wear waist length jackets with a cummerbund instead of a waist coat. For an evening dinner this would be followed by a single or double breasted dinner jacket. A white dinner jacket is generally worn with black trousers and bow ties.

One of the most popular styles of 1930s suit is the zoot suits. It played an integral role in the urban dance and music scene during this period. This type of a suit has a high waist with tight cuffed, wide pegged trousers. It comes with a long coat and padded shoulders, and wide lapels. The oversized suit indicated a revolutionary style statement. Zoot suits were used for special occasions. It is now considered as a luxury item since the amount of material required is quite huge. Most young men now wear a moderate version of these suits. You can style your zoot suit with a felt hat that comes with long feather. A pointy French style shoes can surely look great with your suit.

Everybody wants to know the meaning of the word ‘zoot’ but nobody is quite sure of it. According to the Oxford Dictionary zoot comes from the word suit only. It was first coined by the Mexican Americans. What makes these 1930’s suit different from a regular modern day suit is its baggy look. Instead of the basic colors like brown, grey and blue you can choose bright colors like purple, red, aqua and pink. This type of suits lost its popularity after this period. However, it has again come back in style and is surely one of the hottest styles of clothes that can be worn by young men.