Style a Fur Vest

What to wear with a fur vest

The fur vest makes a statement, so the rest of your outfit should be all about balance and take a back seat. Pair it with a miniskirt, tights, boots, and a tope that either covers your arms or leaves them bare and you’ve got a cute outfit for girls’ night out.

Or, wear a pair of leggings, tall riding boots and long sweater with your fur vest for a cold winter coffee outing. And what about that ski hill? Again, it’s one sneaky way to look chic AND stay warm. Wear a plain wool sweater under your vest to keep your arms warm, and find a pair of fitted ski pants – done!

Choosing the best one for your body shape

Fur vests come in all shapes and sizes, but the first rule in choosing one for yourself is to consider your height and body shape. If you have a small petite frame, stick to a short, waist length style. If you’re taller and lean, you can look for a hip length style, those that go to mid-thigh, or longer.

If you’re considering your options between a fur vest and a fur coat, consider the bulk factor. It’s important to be sure your outfit is streamlined and sleek to balance any bulkiness.

Picking the right color

Fur vests come in many colors and gradients. If you’ll be wearing it for formal occasions, consider dark colors like blacks or lush sable browns. If you’ll use it for casual wear to punch up your everyday outfits, consider lighter colors like grays and shades of white.

However, if this is a long-term investment piece for you, go with a timeless neutral like tan or brown.

Choosing the right fur-type

Fur vests also come in many fur types. Sheared furs give a sleeker more subtle look, while longer hair furs such as Fox or Tibetian lamb lend to a more untamed style that will stand out in a crowd.

How NOT to wear your vest

Don’t overdose on fur. Remember, the fur vest steals the show. Don’t wear fur anywhere else, like boots, hats, or mittens or you’ll run the risk of looking like you’re in for a Nordic trek across a frozen tundra. Avoid wearing other bulky fabrics. Fitted, lightweight fabrics – you can even wear silk in the winter to keep warm – will keep your look sleek and streamlined.

No matter what you choose, a fur vest is not only this season’s hottest trend, it’s a timeless classic.