Most of a person’s wardrobe most likely falls under the category of streetwear. Streetwear consists of casual clothes that they feel comfortable wearing pretty much anywhere. Basically, if a person isn’t dressed up, the clothing they are wearing could probably be considered this style, too. Many people have different styles, but one thing remains constant: around 90% of the people out in a social setting are wearing jeans and either t-shirts or hoodies. These are examples of outfits that would be considered streetwear.

The definition of streetwear covers a wide selection of clothing, and there are many brands, categories, and price ranges of clothing to choose from. In addition to brand names, there are thousands of different styles of clothing out there. Companies make logo t-shirts and hoodies with hundreds, if not thousands, of different designs. From company logos, to elaborate screen printed designs, to single color t-shirts, there are designs out there for everybody’s tastes in fashion. Some people enjoy wearing darker, toned down, earthy clothes while others enjoy wearing extremely vibrant colors, it is all a matter of personal preference but there are choices for everyone.

In addition to t-shirts and hoodies, there are also many different companies that make a variety of different designs of jeans. From brand new, immaculate, crisp looking denim jeans to pre-worn, stone washed, distressed jeans, there are jeans out there for anyone’s style. In addition to different types of jeans, there are also many different fits of jeans, from relaxed fit, to tight fit, to boot cut.

While there are a near infinite number of possibilities when it comes to building a wardrobe, it is also important to mention price. There are some companies that sell designer t-shirts for up to $80+ a piece and companies that sell designer jeans for $200+ per pair. On the other end of the spectrum, however, companies are still out there that make very affordable clothes, as low as $10 or so per t-shirt and $30 or so for a pair of jeans. No matter a person’s budget, they can build a respectable wardrobe if they shop intelligently.