Shopping in Majorca

Typified by the island’s bustling capital Palma which boasts of a rich assortment of shopping venues, Majorca offers shopaholics a chance to indulge in their passion. Be it trendy designer wear to local products which range from leather to pearls and footwear to ceramics, this vibrant island has it all and die-hard and casual shoppers alike will find themselves surrounded by countless shopping opportunities enough to tempt even the most budget conscious visitor.

Home to laidback coastal settings, stunning natural scenery and varied Majorca hotels, this scenic island also has a host of local markets which are ideal for bargain hunters looking for that one of a kind item which will make their collection complete. These markets vary from those that deal in local food products to popular flea markets where one can spend hours going through a wide variety of odds and ends. Those visiting the markets also have a chance to mingle with the island’s inhabitants and enjoy some colourful local culture which one may otherwise miss out on. Shoppers should also keep in mind that most of the markets do not take place everyday and thus it is a good idea to plan ones sightseeing tour to correspond with particular weekly markets which take place in different parts of Majorca.

Shoppers looking to save time can alternatively head to the island’s large department stores and commercial centres. Based around the main resorts such as Palma, these large shopping centres cater to those looking to conveniently find a wide range of products and fashions under one roof. Home to diverse shops, boutiques and food outlets, these one stop shop malls are also ideal places to do some window shopping or even get those last minute gifts for loved ones back home.

Those planning to visit the many shops and stores around where they are staying should also keep in mind that they are holidaying in Spain and thus siesta time is not to be put aside even when it comes to shopping! A great majority of shops are open in the mornings from 0930hrs (9:30 AM) to 1400hrs (2 PM) before closing for the afternoon, which is also a great time for weary travellers to get some rest after a long day of sightseeing and sunbathing. Evening heralds the island’s famous sunset and nightlife atmosphere and shops reopen from around 1700hrs (5 PM) to 2000hrs (8 PM). This is a great time for one to do some shopping before sampling some local tapas and partying till the break of dawn. While most shops are open from Monday to Saturday, operating hours are by no means set in stone and one will find some of the large department stores open even during siesta time.

So when next planning a family holiday or even an all out shopping excursion, be sure to find hotels in Majorca which are within easy reach of the island’s many shops and markets. Those interested in taking full advantage of this shopper’s paradise will find more in depth information available on the various types of Majorca shopping opportunities in “Shopping in Majorca: Retail therapy on an island paradise!”