Shop Like a Man

Men don’t like the idea of looking for their own clothes but perhaps this happens because they often find themselves being clueless about their shopping. Here are some things that will help you shop better so you can find better items.

  • Invest in a suit. Yes its true – suits are certainly something that makes an alluring positive impression on other people as long as they are the right type of suits. If you don’t have suits already, you should take the plunge by buying a well fitted and tailored black suit. Razor sharp suits that cut a good silhouette will make a huge difference to your appearance.
  • Most men feel hurried and confused when they are shopping. The idea is to take a few deep breathes, calm yourself and jot down a list of things you actually want. Don’t think about shopping as some dull or forced task but think of it as an adventure that you are about to have.
  • When buying a suit stick to hand sewn stitches which are definitely more flexible. By simply checking the seams inside of the jacket, you can check to see if there is one single thread running in a wavy pattern or two threads joined in a more chain like style. Single thread in wavy pattern is a sign that the seams are hand sewn while the other is machine sewn.
  • When buying the overcoat, you need something made out of cashmere or wool. Those are simply the best materials to buy and you can even buy a blend of these two fabrics. Overcoats should also be waterproof.
  • Button fly trousers are great but you should count the buttons first. Two or less than two buttons are not such a great idea and you should ask them to tailor the trousers with a one-inch break. Only a small amount of cloth should go over your shoes.
  • When buying shoes learn to spot bad leather choices. Bend the shoes while testing as if you would bend your shoe while walking. When the shoe returns to flat position the leather should return to it original position but if it has wrinkles, that a sign that the leather is not of good quality. Also make sure you buy shoes in the evening or night time when they are most expanded.
  • Buying a sweater is all about the fabric and you should notice where the sweater is manufactured. Scotland and Mongolia offer the best wool while usually United States and some other country wool aren’t that amazing. If you hold the sweater to light and put your hand behind it, you will find that quality wool will not allow your hand to be seen through.
  • For cashmere sweater testing, rub your fingers after touching the sweater and look for a greasy residue. If there is any of this residue on your hand that is most likely from the chemicals that are used to make inferior cashmere look attractive. If there is no residue then you have got good cashmere on your hands.