Select a Fur Vest

  • Choose a style that you like the best. Choose from short or long vests. They come belted and some have zippers and hoods. Also select whether you want a dressy or casual vest. The best way to decide what vest to purchase is to take a serious look at your wardrobe and decide which pieces you will wear it with the most. This should help narrow the vast selection down to a few styles.
  • Select a color. Choose a vest in the same tone if you want it to blend with your wardrobe, or add some pop to your wardrobe with a new color that will stand out. We’ve seen vest in every color of the rainbow. You might want to accent a winter black outfit with some color, such as a purple fur vest. Or you might want to highlight your shades of cream with a vest in creams and whites. Again, the best way to make sure you are buying a key piece of your winter wardrobe is to look carefully through your closet before you shop. Once you have a few outfits that you think would look good with a vest, snap a few photos so all your hard work doesn’t go out the window when you fall in love with a vest. If it doesn’t work with what you have, you won’t wear it… or you’ll just have to do more shopping to build a wardrobe around it!
  • Set a budget. Again, you might not want to splurge on a trendy item that might not be in season next year. Or maybe you do. But whatever price range, make sure your new vest is soft! There is such a selection that you can scour the stores until you find the exact one you crave.
  • Wearing it is easy — pair it with everything from jeans to dresses. Just be sure to keep your top slim fitting, unless you want the bohemian Rachel Zoe look, in which case go for a flowy dress or peasant top. Two super-hot looks that start with a basic outfit: keep your entire look simple and highlight it with a vest, or accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Enjoy!