Plus Size Cocktail Dresses

If you want to work the illusion of looking slimmer while wearing the plus size cocktail dresses, the trick lies in looking taller than you actually are. If one looks short, it has a widening effect on the body, and thus makes you look plump and maybe even overweight. The best way to achieve a lengthening effect is to avoid wearing horizontal stripes. Such stripes make one shorter and curvier, and not in a good way! However, vertical stripes are the exact opposite and make one look taller, slimmer and sleeker. It has been seen that not many plus size cocktail dresses come with vertical stripes. Admittedly though, vertical stripes are not a popular pattern in cocktail dresses, so another option you have is to choose an evening dress or a formal gown in a solid, preferably deep or dark color.

Another way to look taller than you actually are is to select a short cocktail dress which shows off your legs. Your legs will look longer with the short dress and this will ensure that you look taller and hence, slimmer. However, if you do not wish to show some skin you can certainly opt for dark colored stockings. Using high heels can add inches and make you look even slimmer and taller.

Sexy little black dresses are also in vogue as plus size cocktail dresses and are the go-to option for many women. One can always add a little pizzazz to these classic outfits by wearing some attractive accessories. In order to enhance your waist area and look trendier, a waist belt in an attractive color would be a wonderful idea. Yes, a scarf can add value to your face as well, as people focus more on your face while you wear a scarf tied around your neck. You can experiment with dazzling chandelier earrings or a simple, elegant choker necklace and create winning looks for any occasion.