Perfumes for Men

  • Citrus fruit perfumes
    Citrus is a very popular category of colognes for men. It contains a lot of fresh citrus notes. Under the category of citrus perfumes you can find a wide collection of perfumes like floral citrus, spicy citrus, aromatic citrus, etc.
  • Woody perfumes:
    Woody perfumes for men are another type of perfumes that are conquered by sandalwood, Cedar wood etc. One of the very famous colognes that come under this category is the Polo Black perfume offered by Ralph Lauren.
  • Fougere style perfumes:
    This category of perfumes is made from lavender, coumarin and oakmoss. The very famous perfume that comes under this category is Eternity for Men by Armani
  • Aquatic style perfumes
    A lot of men’s and unisex perfumes are made in this style. These perfumes are adorned with fruity, green and light floral flavors. The examples of colognes coming under this category are Issey Miyaki perfumes and Egyptian musk.
  • Leather style perfumes:
    In this category the perfumes are exclusively made for men. They have well defined deep scents of tobacco, wood, honey, amber and a light essence of wood tars in them. These ingredients produce a significant smell of leather. They have a musty flavor. The floral leather perfumes and the tobacco leather perfumes come under this category.