Luxury Knitwear

The Merino wool that is sheared from a top breed of sheep is the main attraction and reason behind the popularity of luxury knitwear clothing items. This wool has attributes that differentiates it from other wool types. It is ultra light with extremely fine fibres. It can be compared in softness and feel to only the best of cashmere wool that is also found from a rare breed of mountain goats.

The special characteristic of such wool is that it can be blended nicely with any other material and that gives it a tremendous advantage. You thus can have it included in various proportions with other material to get different grades of ultra fine, woolen clothing. The positive aspect though is that this wool is not as rare as cashmere wool since it can be sheared off sheep found in New Zealand, Spain, Australia, Sweden and Argentina to name a few countries. Consequently, it is also more affordable as compared to cashmere wool.

Luxury knitwear has received a major fillip with the introduction of Merino wool. The knitwear became very popular with everybody due to its lightness, wonderful feel and moisture resistant properties. A country like New Zealand which has damp cold weather is one of the major consumers of such knitwear. The material also dissipates heat just as quickly and therefore can be worn in hot weather conditions as well without putting it to wash regularly. It is free of any odour and does not get soiled quickly as well, making it a perfect wear for formal as well as casual occasions.

One classic example of how such luxury knitwear has replaced traditional knitwear clothing is the sport of golf. The change in the knitting process involving circular knitting whereby a three dimensional garment is neatly knitted to a single seamless item has made it just so much easier for golfers to indulge in their swing without having to worry about any lost elasticity or shape. The non-piling attributes of this material is another reason for such luxury knitwear being able to retain its shape and firmness for a long period of time.

Add to this the modern techniques used for dyeing and the finishing of fabric and you have a product that is able to retain its colour, elasticity and soft feel for extended periods of time. Indeed luxury knitwear has created a new market for itself and this clothing is now being increasingly used not only for sports but also for smart casual wear.