Look for in a Waterproof Bag

Depending on the activity, you may either need a roll-top bag, duffel bag or backpack if you just want something for general use. However a waterproof bag that can be attached to a bike rack may be more suitable if you require something for a more specialised purpose. On the other hand if you’re looking for a waterproof bag to go on the roof top of your car or for carrying very large loads, then a rooftop cargo case may be the obvious option. Or perhaps all you’re after is a small waterproof pouch for use on the beach or by the pool and big enough to hold some money and a phone.

There are hundreds of shops and stores that sell waterproof bags from a whole variety of different manufactures from different countries. A whole variety of different sizes, shapes and colours are also available.What to buy rather than where to buy is therefore the most important question. I hope that this article will provide you with detailed information that you can use when making a purchase.

The relationship between quality and price is always the first thing to consider. Even at the top end of the market from a price point of view there are some bad buys, with bags of poorer quality than those at half the price. Clearly these are best avoided. It is best to set a clear budget before your purchase and then look for best value for money at that price point.

A strong zipper, buckles and/or fasteners are the first tell tale sign of a well made waterproof bag. Finding a for sale bag is often an indication that one of these components is of an inferior quality. If you have to replace the bag sooner than intended then this initial saving can turn out to be a false economy. Value for money at your budget point is therefore of the utmost concern. In some circumstances a poor quality bag can even endanger your life or in any event can ruin your gear which you’d thought was being kept nice and dry. Not good if you’re carrying something expensive like a laptop.

Comfort is also a critical thing to consider, especially if the bag will be carried for any great distance. Some style of bags are not well suited for carrying over long distances. This may be OK if they are mainly used for storage, but if you intend on carrying them for any length of time comfort, or ease of carrying, is well worth considering.


To avoid stretching the seams, potentially making it easier for water to infiltrate your bag, it is important that you don’t stuff the bag too full. It is therefore important that the bag you purchase is sufficiently big to hold all you gear and a little bit more.


Chances are your waterproof bag will be taking a bit of a beating. You’ll want to ensure that your bag is durable and able to withstand a fair bit of abuse. Heavy duty construction is a feature of most waterproof bags, many of which come with a puncture resistant reinforced bottom (that won’t easily puncture when dropped or thrown about) and a reinforced copper or brass zipper. Any handles or straps should all be double stitched or treble stitched and for best durability the stitching should be in the style of a X.