Kitten Heels

In fact, these heels were originally popularized by Audrey Hepburn herself. It first started when kitten heels were first designed in the 1950s by Roger Vivier, a French shoe designer affiliated to Christian Dior at the time. Although at the time, these heels were banned from certain buildings for their tendencies to pockmark the floors, they were included in the Dior’s New Looks Selection to complement the feminine garment designs included. At the time, high heels were considered to be highly inappropriate for girls of younger ages.

As such, when they first came out, they instantly became a vogue amongst teenagers. Apart from this, Audrey Hepburn achieved the peak of her career as an actress at the same time. As such, due to the fact that she decidedly wore kitten heels in a number of her scenes, such as in Funny Face (1957), the heels quickly became popular even with the more mature crowd. Despite this, kitten heels also give off a look that says you are sociable but definitely not easy.

Amongst the many great qualities of kitten heels, one of the most important will be the fact that it is a sort of compromise between high heels and flats. This means that it will have a much greater level of sex appeal than flats but will also be much lower than most high heels making them less uncomfortable when worn for prolonged periods of time. Another characteristic of these shoes are the way that it gives of a much more reserved and shy look. It was in fact, this characteristic of the shoes that caused the heels’ comeback when Mrs. Obama, the current First Lady of The United States started making most of her appearances wearing refined models of kitten heels. Thus, these shoes are able to prevent her presence from overwhelming her husband’s but also allow her to maintain her chic and feminine style.

As such, it has been said that amongst her other strengths another notable memory of Mrs. Obama will be her signature choice. Additionally, kitten heels today have become one of the more common styles included in various fashion collections by famous shoe designers such as Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin. Needless to say, this have further enhanced the shoes’ popularity in today’s market. However, it has also been found that instead of the classic winklepicker toed shoes, modern women tend to go for the wedge versions of kitten heels. This is especially true for the summer where the wedge styled sandals make for an ideal style for the season.