Hunter Wellies

Back in 1856 Henry Norris and Spencer Parmalee, both American entrepreneurs landed in Scotland to pursue a patent manufacturing rubber boots. They were able to start up a factory from scratch in Edinburgh, Scotland. Not only did they make rubber boots but, tires, combs, golf balls and rubber flooring.

By 1875 these two American entrepreneurs had grown a staff of 600 employees and voila’ Hunter boot Ltd was born. With WWI raging in Europe the War Office had asked for a heavy sturdy boot that would be dependable in the trenches. Over a million were made to cope with the Army’s demands. Again in WWII Hunter Wellington were called up again to make large quantities of thigh high boots and gas masks.

At the end of the war they had become as well-known and trusted as being dependable and “standing the test of time” They became the choice of the working man. Not to mention that with a thick sole and a rounded toe they were much more comfortable.

Let’s fast forward to 2004. They were bought in a leveraged buyout, becoming an independent company and changing their name to the Hunter Rubber Company. At the end of the year to celebrate their 50th anniversary they announced seven different colored boots as well as a children’s line, in order to raise money for charity. In 2006 Hunter Wellies ran into a little money problem and went into “administration.” Which means that they either needed to get more money or break up the business and sell it off into little pieces. They ended up pulling it together and restructured as a heavy weight on the stock exchange branching in to the USA market. After that there was no looking back, they were on the map and becoming super-popular.

Moving right along to 2007 they started to see sales increases of over 80% against their previous years. While having to manufacture more products and the cost of fuel and an old factory were presenting them with some big challenges to overcome, they started to outsource to the Far East and locations in Eastern Europe. Over the years Hunter has made a lot of connections and business relationships with several companies all over the world.

After the 2008 Olympics Hunter Boot made and gave a pair of gold Hunter Wellies to every member of the British Olympic team that took home the gold at the games in Beijing.

In 2009 Hunter made one of their greatest accomplishments by teaming up with fashion designer Jimmy Choo to make a limited edition black only Hunter Wellington boot with gold rivets and a crocodile print.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of boots, make sure you give Hunter Wellies a try. The superior construction, quality and long-lasting durability will keep your feet warm and comfortable. The several color options and different styles will make even the most fashion conscious individual genuinely happy. They are the world’s most trusted and widely used boot perfect for any season complete with an endless selection of choices for men, women and children alike. Create your own rich and creative history with Hunter Wellies today!