Flexible Color To Wear

Little Black Dress

A pair of patent black heels is a classic match with your Little Black Dress (LBD) and it will totally work. However, don’t feel like you need to play it safe with your black shoes. Jazz up your basic LBD with a pair of black shoes that have patterns, embellishments or textures. They will definitely inject some excitement to your plain black frock.

Brown And Navy

There is this fashion rule that says that you cannot mix black with brown and navy without ending in a major fashion disaster. Your brown or navy dress can be easily ruined by slipping on a pair of black shoes. However, I always believe that rules are meant to be broken. All you need to do is to know how.

Because brown and navy are as neutral as black, it is actually a piece of cake to break this one rule. To pull off your look together, accent your black shoes with black accessories; a black belt to cinch you at the narrowest part of your body, a black shimmery clutch to tote your essentials around or black bangles or necklace to bring focus to your best assets. Just remember to not pile on too many accessories until it overwhelms you.


Pair your purples with black for a more sleek look, especially if you are wearing darker shades like aubergine and plum. Black pumps and sandal will be a great choice for a polished look. However, if you are looking for a more rocker chic look, pull on a pair of black ankle boots with your purple dress.

To pull your look together, wear a pair of black hosiery with your black shoes. For a natural look, opt for sheer black stockings while striped and fishnet stockings provides a more funky look. For warmth in the winter, wear opaque black tights, although they exudes a more casual look.


The combination of black and red will keep you at the center of attention. And as I said before, you’ll definitely win extra brownie points if you accent the color black with black accessories or black finishing to your red outfit. If you have one red dress, you can get more mileage with it by changing your shoes. Pair it with black patent flats for an appropriate work attire, while a red dress with strappy black sandals will create a sexy outfit for a date night. However, DO NOT pair any red dress with black patent tall boots if you do not want to send the message that you are “available”.

Summer Outfits

A pair of black heels can keep your summer clothes looking sleek and pulled together, especially if your office do not have the policy of loosening dress codes for the warm weather. To not overwhelm your summer clothes with the stark contrast, keep your black shoes simple. Avoid chunky heels and keep away from any hardware. You can also pair your black shoes with darker shades of summer colors.

Because there is no certain guide on what to pair your black shoes with, your best bet is to wear them with darker shades in the color wheel. However, you can wear lighter colors with black shoes by simply keeping them simple and accent the darker color with accessories.