Find A Quality Pair Of Jeans

Finding a decent-fitting pair of jeans is just as difficult for men as it is for women, and there are a few things you should consider before you start traipsing around looking for a new pair of denims. First things first, you need to make sure your jeans fit you properly, don’t sacrifice fashion for comfort, because you’ll regret it in the long run. Ensure your jeans aren’t too tight on the waist, the leg and around the crotch and of course bear in mind that most jeans have a tendency to shrink when they are washed so you might want to add a few inches onto your usual size. Jeans can always be turned up or altered if they are slightly too long, and if they are too short, you can’t do much about it.

Choosing classic types of denim and classic fits are the best option if you are wanting a more expensive pair of jeans; this way, they will last for a good few seasons and you’ll always be in fashion. Spending over £100 on jeans is an expensive purchase to most people but when you weigh up the amount of time you’ll be wearing them (a couple of days a week for a couple of years, or more?) the cost is quite economical. Buying a cheaper pair that you’ll have to replace often isn’t the wisest choice. It goes without saying that most of the more expensive jeans look better than cheaper jeans with less quality – but they also make you feel a lot better too. A good quality denim is raw denim, it’s sturdy and durable and ages over time leaving you with stylish, personalised jeans.

Raw denim is a little more expensive but that’s because it’s denim in its purest form, and will last a very long time. If your raw denim pair of jeans is not pre-shrunk, when you first wash them they will shrink a lot, probably around two inches in both the length and the waist. If they’ve not been pre-shrunk, put them in the bath in luke warm water for a couple of hours and then hang up to dry. Leave them in the bath and don’t move them around or the indigo will run. These jeans can be worn without washing for a long time, and if they start to smell, pop them in a bag in the freezer for a few hours and they’ll be good as new. If you do feel they need a clean, taking them to the dry-cleaners is the best option.

Our advice is to dig deep into your wallet and buy an expensive pair of jeans that’ll last you a few seasons rather than a cheaper pair that’ll last you just one season. Make sure they are comfortable and you buy them a few inches larger if they are raw denim, as it can shrink.