Completing Outfit With Eyeglasses

  • Work: Even as our times are changing, one old stereotype that just never disappeared is that eyeglasses help create a more intelligent and sophisticated appeal; therefore, I say work with it! At work, we tend to wear a lot of neutral colors. While there may be a pop of color influencing some of our outfits, primarily suits, pinstripes, and button-up shirts crowd our offices during business days. The most professional looking eyeglasses mimic this look by offering blacks, browns, and dark metals. When shooting for the no-nonsense professional look, you will want to choose either a metal or plastic frame in these neutral colors. Should you decide that the plastic frame is the way to go for your “work look”, be sure to choose something on the thinner side. And again, keep it neutral! In an office setting, it’s always best to stay on the conservative side – unless you work in a very creative environment; you don’t want to bring attention to yourself in a negative way!
  • Casual: When spending some time with our friends in a casual setting, we all want to feel relaxed. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt show the ultimate form of comfort. Furthermore, with this laid-back persona, we have the freedom of showing our true selves, and what better way than to do so with the best placed accessory: eyeglasses! Currently, retro frames are an extremely popular style. So, how about trying a pair of these fun-loving glasses during your next study session or coffee break? They come in several fun and flashy colors; or, you could go with the simple black or white look – which, of course, can always be relied on to match any t-shirt! When dressing up to hang out with friends, you want a pair of glasses that you can simply throw on like an old pair of jeans – but still highlight your best feature: your personality.
  • Going Out: When going out on the town, whether it be to a club or a special dinner date, you want to really mix the two personas above. The best choice for this category would be a pair of glasses that can both show your personality, as well as be passed off as an elegant accessory. For this outfit, look inside yourself to decide the best frame style for your needs: funky, sophisticated, fun-loving, or conservative. You could go with either the simple dark metal-type, or the recently featured retro style. I the retro style is a bit too aggressive for your taste, one great new look are frames that appear as simple metal in the front but have a fun and active design on the temples. Ultimately, when dressing up to go out on the town, you want to showcase your creativity in a fashion savvy way!