Buying Kids Sunglasses

    • Frames for kids sunglasses should neither be too tight or too loose. Go for frames made of materials that don’t slide easily from the child’s face for example rubber, which fits closely yet still very comfortable for the kid.
    • Since children are often playing and running around,go for sunglasses with frames that don’t break very easily. Nylon frames can bend and go back to their original position without breaking and can withstand more impact compared to metal frames.
    • Fit the sunglasses on to the child’s face and check to see that they cover the whole eye area and if possible a bit of their cheeks and forehead. This will ensure maximum UV protection even if the kid is bending at an angle. Dust and other particles will also be effectively shielded from getting to the kid’s eyes. Wraparound sunglasses are becoming a trend in kid’s sunglasses because they cover the eye area well.
    • Get sunglasses with cable temples (temples that have a hook shape that coils around the back of the ear). This will be more comfortable for the kid as they don’t slide or drop when they bend. You can also fix a strap or rubber band that goes around to the back of their head to hold the sunglasses in place throughout. You should however be very careful with rubber bands and straps if you are dealing with a toddler as they can cause chocking if left unattended.
    • Sunglasses frames with spring hinges are the most durable for kids because they can withstand over stretching when the kid is taking them off or putting on.
    • Frames for kid’s sunglasses should be made of light material to make sure the kid does not feel the load of the sunglasses hence more comfortable in them.