Buying a Men’s Raincoat

Trench coats can be single or double-breasted, but most people choose the double-breasted look. The single-breasted one would be a more practical choice for a man who is petite or small framed.

A trench coat has a single vent to allow for greater movement when walking while still providing protection from the wind. It will also have shoulder tabs that are part of the original design. The storm flap prevents water from getting inside the coat.

You may also see the detachable D-ring belt, which allows you to adjust the torso of the coat for a better fit. The cuff straps are also part of the original design of the coat and keep the water from getting under the cuffs and onto your suit jacket or shirt.

The traditional color of this type of coat is khaki, tan, beige or sometimes another name for a light colored coat. It was originally made of wool gabardine, but that is generally used for high end coats that may be over the price range for many people. Today’s trench coats are typically made of cotton.

You should first consider how it fits. It is best to try it on with a suit jacket or sweater underneath to make sure you have plenty of room. You don’t want it to hang too loosely, but you don’t want it to be a tight fit with heavy clothing under it. You should have freedom of movement even with a suit jacket on.

Make sure the sleeves are long enough. They should extend past your suit jacket sleeves by at least two inches to keep the rain from getting your clothes wet.

Length is another consideration. Generally, trench coats fall between 37 and 45 inches. The length you choose will depend on your height. A shorter man will want a length just above his knees to keep from having too much fabric covering his legs. A tall man will want the coat to fall somewhere along his calves. The reason is that a shorter coat will look too short on him.

You can always get your coat altered if it is too big, so it is better to get one too large rather than too small. You can choose to buy the traditional trench coat or purchase one in leather or other materials. Many color options are available, though men typically look best in a light beige, grey, or black.

Trench coats are a traditional choice in men’s raincoats and never go out of style. They are a classic that you will find in many men’s wardrobes.