About Watches

A great watch to get fancy with is the Invicta 7330 Mens Signature Sport Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch. This stainless steel wonder is under $100 so you don’t need to break the bank looking good. This watch is comparable in style and quality to most Invicta.

Russian Diver watches. The watch is driven by a Japanese TMI PC32 Quartz movement. Japan is a pretty fancy country and you can rely on them to make fancy things. They did, after all, invent sushi, one of the world’s fanciest foods.

If steel isn’t your thing and you want to go with something more traditionally fancy I would suggest something in the Sthurling Winchester series. The Stuhrling 165B Winchester Grand Auto Mechanical Mens Watch is gold, which ups its fancy factor a lot. It is also skeletal so people can see all the work and craftsmanship that went into the watch. It is kind of like saying “Hey! Look at my fancy watch” without having to say it.

For the fiercely fancy female there are a great deal of watch choices. Michal Kors watches for women are fancy and come in a wide range of styles. One of my personal favorites is Michael Kors MK5388 Ceramic Chrono Chain Bracelet Womens Watch. This delicate, black rose of a watch lets the world know you only eat in five star restaurants. Ceramic watches are hot right now from the runways of Milan to posh clubs of Los Angeles.

Another fancy, femme fatale of a watch is the Burgi Women’s Malachite Reversible Dial Quartz Strap Watch. This watch has diamonds, mother of pearl, and malachite. You can wear it as a bracelet and discreetly check the time when you need to. Not that you would have a reason to hide the watch face, because it so lovely, but you could if you wanted to. Reversible watches are not that common adding major points to their fancy factor.