About Gurgaon Shopping Malls

At present there are about a dozen Gurgaon shopping Malls spotted across the city and about hundred and fifty are to be erected as planned. Renowned brands are now volunteering to sponsor the construction of the malls in Gurgaon. Every new mall cropping up is promising a unique specialty to attract shoppers. In fact, the infrastructure and the quality of the malls loaded with brand new goods and accessories are no way inferior to those of the Western countries.

List Of Gurgaon Shopping Malls

  • The Sahara Mall, DLF City Center Mall, MGF Metropolitan Mall, Shoppers Stop, Vishal Megamart are some of the famous shopping malls in Gurgaon. The following is the list of some of the most visited malls of Gurgaon.
  • Sahara Mall – Since the year 2001, Sahara Mall has been frequented by the shoppers coming from various parts of the city. The mall covers an area of about 3.89 acres.
  • The MGF Metropolitan Mall – This mall occupies about 400,000 sq feet. Famous national and international brands like Nike, Benettone, Denim, Levis, Shoppers Stop, Reebok, Nakshatra have opened their outlets here. This mall is also ideal for shoppers who are food buffs. Popular food corners like McDonalds, Baristaa and Café Coffee are located in this mall.
  • The DLF Mega Mall – The DLF Mega Mall is another commonly visited mall in Gurgaon. It is erected by the real estate giant, DLF. The total area covered by the Mall is about 300,000 square feet and boasts of having a three-screen multiplex.

Being located at one of the fast growing cities of India with highly developed and latest shopping facilities, the Gurgaon shopping malls have turned as one of the major attractions for the city dwellers.