Month: September 2019

Those Linen Pants

The first things we need to know are that these pants are made to be mostly casual, and that pure linen wrinkles very easily. The fabric also lends itself well to a few major clothing types. However, Linen pants come in two primary variations: belted and drawstring.

Belted pants look like any other slacks, though they’re often found in lighter, kitschier colors which are suited for a comfortable afternoon on the golf course or spending the afternoon shopping.

Drawstring linen pants look and feel much the same as their belted cousin, but with the added advantage of having a simple, built-in drawstring for fastening (and of course comfort). These pants have been pretty stylish since before 2000, and are arguably … Read the rest

Buying High Quality Jewelry

  • Determining your metal. Most metals are mixed with others to increase durability. Take gold for example. If you are buying something that is 24 karat gold, that means it is 100% gold. However, gold is an extremely soft metal and is often mixed with other metals to make it more durable. The mixing of metals can also make the item of jewelry more affordable. Precious metals like platinum can be very expensive and mixing it with another metal can bring the cost down without influencing the quality of the piece. Make sure to ask the jeweler if the metal has been mixed with anything. This is especially important if you have allergies to any specific types of metal.
  • Looking at
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Boys Raincoats

It helps if your little boy likes what he’s wearing, otherwise there’s always a chance he might just take it off, and that’s never good when it’s raining! So what better way than to get him to keep his raincoat on than giving him one that he loves? And what do little boys love more than monsters? Maybe dinosaurs, or perhaps aeroplanes?

Or maybe dogs or pirates? Well you can now get boys raincoats with all these favourite things on them. Hatley is a well-known and excellent brand offering different designs of raincoats for boys, with collections that change with the season. Although you needn’t worry, as its raincoats are also excellent quality and last much longer than one season … Read the rest

Sequin Tops

So why don’t you stick with the fashion crowd and invest in a few lovely sequined tops for women and enjoy wearing them for your special occasions?

For example, if you are about to go on a formal or high-class night out which is very important, something like an awards ceremony or a graduation then you should go for something like a sequined blouse top or a sequined tunic top. Black is the best color for formal events and after that I would go for something made from silver sequins. You certainly will catch many an envious glance from the other ladies in such a classy style of top.

If you would like something for more casual wear then I … Read the rest

Spira Shoes

Spira boasts patented WaveSpring technology. This is what makes Spira shoes so special. The WaveSpring technology reduces strain on the feet and joints. It all makes it easy for you to get around throughout your day, no matter where you’re going. Energy return means that with each step you take in Spira shoes, you’ll receive a burst of energy due to WaveSpring construction. This means less fatigue and sore feet. For those on their feet several hours throughout the day, you know a cushioned pair of shoes isn’t enough. This innovative technology gives you added energy and potentially increases your productivity each day. You aren’t lagging behind because of sore feet or creaky knees. With WaveSpring, your feet are comfortable … Read the rest

Buying Kids Sunglasses

    • Frames for kids sunglasses should neither be too tight or too loose. Go for frames made of materials that don’t slide easily from the child’s face for example rubber, which fits closely yet still very comfortable for the kid.
    • Since children are often playing and running around,go for sunglasses with frames that don’t break very easily. Nylon frames can bend and go back to their original position without breaking and can withstand more impact compared to metal frames.
    • Fit the sunglasses on to the child’s face and check to see that they cover the whole eye area and if possible a bit of their cheeks and forehead. This will ensure maximum UV protection even if the kid is bending at
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Milan Shopping Guide

If you come to Milan to shop, one of your first stops should be its Brera neighborhood. This picturesque shopping area offers tourists the the opportunity to find unique treasures and items by little known – but up and coming – designers. Small boutiques along narrow streets are the norm here, and it is considered by many to be one of the most pleasant areas in Milan for strolling and shopping at a leisurely pace. Boasting the highest concentration of clothes stores in all of Europe, Corso Buenos Aires is another must see district if you come to Milan to shop. It is impossible to make much of a dent in the the many boutiques here; indeed, one could spend … Read the rest

Vintage Style

Vintage shopping – rummaging through gently used clothing, shoes and accessories – can give you the chance to explore not only your own personal fantasies, but also to create a unique day-to-day style. Knowing what looks good and pursuing items that suit you is a life-enhancing and positive process. One of the joys of shopping for vintage is the elusive element of surprise. Discovering a vintage evening dress that fits well always feels far more rewarding than walking into a conventional store and pulling something straight off the rail that is identical to the one next to it. The vintage shopping experience is even more rewarding when you have a vague idea of what you are looking for. Cementing a … Read the rest

Diffuser for Hair

These gently massage your hair while you dry and help to lift and separate your hair to give it extra volume. The second kind is the standard diffuser which has various holes for the airflow and requires that you scrunch your hair with your fingers while you dry. The third kind is made out of an elastic material that cuts back on the power of the airflow to gently heat your hair without disturbing your natural curls or waves. The size of the diffuser you use depends on the amount of hair you need to dry at a time.

One of the many benefits of using a diffuser is that the heat will be distributed equally over your locks to … Read the rest

Mens Lambswool Sweaters

Cashmere items, despite their hefty price tag find buyers at all times and supply has just not been able to keep up with demand. If silk is a material that is a favourite with women, then surely lambswool is something that men find very alluring. Mens lambswool sweaters in particular have always been a favourite with many men as they know the utilitarian value of these sweaters and the inherent sophistication they bring to the table.

There are a number of other reasons that would explain this fascination for mens lambswool sweaters.

Firstly, the wool that’s sheared from the lambs are done when the animals are very young. At this time, the sheared wool is ultra soft, fine and has … Read the rest