Wardrobe Essentials


Obviously we need it, but the real question is does it fit well? You cannot underestimate the importance of a perfectly fitted bra. Comfort is key, plus if your bra fits well, your clothes will instantly look better!

Bra – There is no bra on the market that is the right choice for everyone, so look around and give some a go until you’re pleased you’ve found your perfect bra.

Panties – We all need a reliable, comfortable pair of panties for everyday wear that do not ride up!

Fitted White Shirt

A fitted white shirt could form part of almost every outfit – such is its versatility. Because you will wear and wash your white shirt on so many occasions, you will want to choose a fabric that is both comfortable and durable.

Top with Accent

I fall back to my neutral tops more times than I can count, but I’d never survive without a top that gives variation to those neutrals. I refer to this item, as a top with accent because the chosen top on this occasion, becomes the piece in even a basic outfit, that gains attention. You can still pair this kind of top with your jeans, flats or heels and a jacket or cardigan.

Little Black Dress

A simple black dress can be effortlessly elegant. All you do is add some heels and jewelry and you know you look great! It’s a comfort to know you’ve always got your black dress to fall back on for a night out.

Classic Straight or Pencil Skirt

A skirt can be a very flattering piece, provided you choose the styles that suit you best. Pencil skirts that taper in from the hip do not fit me at all, but look great on others! For me, a skirt that falls straight from the hip is more forgiving and suits me perfectly! Some people are fortunate enough to be able to wear both styles.

Dark Wash Jeans

Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans. Your favorites will be comfortable, but also make you feel great! Whether your favorites are skinny jeans, bootcut or flare, you know you can always rely on them. You can dress your jeans down with some flats and a cardigan, for a comfortable, relaxed look or dress them up with pumps and a blazer, for a stunning combination.

Dress Pants

A pair of dress pants is an essential item for every woman. Whether you’re wearing them to work or simply as a smarter alternative than jeans, you’ll want your pants to be comfortable and durable. Choosing a neutral color such as black, navy, brown or gray, will ensure your pants can be worn with even more items from your wardrobe.