Spira Shoes

Spira boasts patented WaveSpring technology. This is what makes Spira shoes so special. The WaveSpring technology reduces strain on the feet and joints. It all makes it easy for you to get around throughout your day, no matter where you’re going. Energy return means that with each step you take in Spira shoes, you’ll receive a burst of energy due to WaveSpring construction. This means less fatigue and sore feet. For those on their feet several hours throughout the day, you know a cushioned pair of shoes isn’t enough. This innovative technology gives you added energy and potentially increases your productivity each day. You aren’t lagging behind because of sore feet or creaky knees. With WaveSpring, your feet are comfortable which makes your body more comfortable.

This WaveSpring technology reduces the chances of injury. If you work in a field where you have to move quickly and sometimes encounter slippery surfaces, Spira shoes have traction rubber soles for safety. WaveSpring is in the mechanics and construction of Spira shoes, so you won’t wear it out. It isn’t like conventional cushioning or other buffers that sit between the shoe’s sole and insole. This is part of the shoe and will retain its energy return qualities for years of wear. Quality shoes are essential for those who work on their feet all day. Comfortable shoes mean less strain on your body and overall health.

Spira tennis shoes are available in staple colors like black and white to coordinate with uniform standards for various industries. They are available with laces or Velcro closures, depending on what suits your lifestyle needs. Sleek styles suit more fashion forward uniforms such as those worn in the medical and dental fields. There are also classic tennis shoe styles that are common for those working in the medical, dental, and janitorial fields. Spira shoes are a smart option for those who want comfortable shoes that are durable. WaveSpring technology makes each step easy on your entire body, allowing you to take each day in stride.