Shopping Sexy Lingerie

The first rule is stay away from the malls and major retail outlets, because generally your large department stores have lingerie departments that contain foundations, such as bras and panties, all the way to robes and lounging outfits. These stores certainly have their place, but they generally do not carry the selection of sexy lingerie necessary, and they are cold and uninviting. So where do you go to buy your sexy lingerie?

Here is the first mistake couples make when going shopping, they find the local boutiques that exist in most major metropolitan areas and many smaller communities. You can find them in the yellow pages under lingerie or in alternative newspapers in your area, which are the ones that are free and are in restaurants and smaller boutiques throughout the country. Why shop here? One reason is the type of lingerie and adult products they sell is generally more risque, unique, and naughty than found in any mall. Another reason may be the atmosphere as it is generally more conducive to having fun as they are generally smaller, more intimate venues, and their clientele generally are couples, dancers, and adults, as opposed to the department stores where everyone from eight to eighty tends to shop.

What do you do if there are no shops in your area? One alternative is to shop on-line, which can be terrific as well. Another alternative is to plan a trip to a town near you that does have such a store that is easy driving distance to your home and include that store in your itinerary. Now that you have found the store you need to find out some things about it before venturing in to shop, which is why you should call them on the telephone and ask them the following questions. Do they have a website and if so, you may want to spend some time looking at their merchandise and get an idea of what you may like.

Another question may be to ask what their policies are, because most people do not think to inquire about the store policies, and this is a great way to improve the quality of your shopping experience. More questions may include, do they allow two people in the dressing room at a time, how many items can be tried on at a time, do they allow cameras in the store, what items can and cannot be tried on, and what are their return policy. Some stores allow and encourage men to go into the dressing room with the woman while others do not, which is helpful as you can help her lace up that corset, and can be exciting as you are watching her get undressed and dressed, as opposed to sitting outside the dressing room while she peeks out.