Right Belt For Your Body


The skinny belt is not wider than half an inch. They come in various colors and are usually used to have a more polished look.

Do wear this if you have a flat stomach. I am talking about a stomach area that is not naturally folding when you stand up. So you don’t necessarily need to have abs to be in this category.

This is also perfect for ladies who do not have a waist line at all! (I am talking about ladies who do not even have a small dent in the space between the last rip and the tip of the hip bone.) The skinny belt, paired with a blousy top, can instantly create an hour glass figure for you!


This type of belt also comes in various colors and designs and is usually more than a half to 3 inches wide. This is also most commonly worn to hold up your trousers, but can be used in other ways as well.

Use this type of belt if your stomach does fold. If you are standing up and the folds are still there, this is the best, advisable belt for you. This type of belt can withstand the pressure of your folds and also, when worn, does not get folded in, emphasizing your dilemma.


You know those belts that you see in wrestling championships? That is one idea of a gladiator belt. Gladiator belts are the ones with huge, edgy designs and are usually more than 3 inches wide. Now there are 2 kinds of gladiator belts — one that locks in front and another one that locks at the back.

Want a more defined waist line? The gladiator belt that locks in front is the best bet for you. This belt pulls your waistline in front and locks it in front, creating a sleeker waist line.

For the women who want to restrain their stomach area a little, I advise the gladiator belt that locks at the back. This is because this kind of belt creates a “girdle” effect on the stomach. Choose one that really supports the stomach.