Diffuser for Hair

These gently massage your hair while you dry and help to lift and separate your hair to give it extra volume. The second kind is the standard diffuser which has various holes for the airflow and requires that you scrunch your hair with your fingers while you dry. The third kind is made out of an elastic material that cuts back on the power of the airflow to gently heat your hair without disturbing your natural curls or waves. The size of the diffuser you use depends on the amount of hair you need to dry at a time.

One of the many benefits of using a diffuser is that the heat will be distributed equally over your locks to produce a much gentler effect than the usual hot blast. This offers protection against excess heat which is the main cause of hair damage.

Although many people use diffusers on curly hair, they can prove beneficial to other hair types as well by adding body and volume to flat or limp locks. This is because diffusers are designed to work with the natural texture of your hair instead of against it. So if you have a slight wave or curl then by using a diffuser you can enhance and define them for beautiful, bouncy results. But how is it done? Here’s how:

  • Make sure you start with washed and clean hair for best results, and remember to pat It dry with a towel instead of rubbing it which causes frizz and makes your hair harder to tame.
  • Apply a good heat protectant and distribute it evenly over your hair use scrunching motions to start giving your hair a curly shape.
  • Fasten the diffuse on the end of your hair dryer and place it beneath a section of hair, lifting it up towards your head until the hair reaches a curled or scrunched position against your head.
  • If you want a more spontaneous looking curl then flip your head upside down and place the hair dryer underneath, scrunching while you dry.
  • Finish off with a cool shot to set the style and add extra shine. Spritz on a holding spray or serum to hold the style.