Designer Winter Jackets

Aviator style jackets

Just as it was last year, the Aviator inspired style is one of the huge must-have looks this season. The basic essential item in this look is the Aviator style jacket. These usually feature sheepskin lining and a high or over-sized collar which makes it an ideal winter jacket. Vintage biker-style or bomber jackets with large collars also give you this same look. This season, a lot of Aviator jackets have an off-centre zip fastening as an extra feature. For the full aviator style, why not get some sheepskin ankle boots or thigh-high boots also work well with this look. Leather gloves and a thin, single-coloured aviator-style scarf, will complement and complete your outfit perfectly!


Arguably, the fashion item which has made the biggest come back in 2011 is the cape. This piece of clothing was particularly dominant in France towards the end of the 1800s, particularly for women but men also had a few styles to choose from. Today, most capes are extremely practical with convenient and comfortable gaps or vents which allow you to move your hands outside. However, many women have found that carrying a handbag when wearing a cape can be particularly tricky. The best solution to this problem is to stick to taking a hand-held clutch bag when wearing a cape, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with any straps. The longer style capes are very elegant while the shorter ones can easily be teamed with skinny jeans and a scarf for a more casual look.


The parka, formerly better known as the anorak, is usually hip-length and features a hood lined with either natural or fake fur. Recently this jacket has also enjoyed a great come-back. Longer-style parkas, sometimes knee-length, almost always have deep side pockets ideal for keeping your hands warm. Wax padded parkas with belted, cinched waists and a fur-lined hood were everywhere in the shops last year and it appears the trend has continued this year. Available in various colours and lengths, these women’s parkas really will help keep you cosy this winter.