Coloured Contact Lens

Coloured contacts are worn for a variety of reasons. As a fashions accessory, they are worn to compliment a fancy dress outfit. These usually go down well at Halloween dressing up that vampire suit or witches costume. They are used frequently in the theatre or in movies giving special effects to the local villain or character. Coloured lenses are also just fun to wear out to your nightclub to give a different look. As long as they are looked after properly and kept clean they are safe to wear and will not affect your eyes or vision at all.

Coloured contact lenses work best with people with naturally dark eyes. Depending on what look you are going for you can chose from three different types of lens. The first is enhancement lenses. These just give a gentle tint to your natural colour rather than completely changing it. It is not particularly good on dark eyes as the tint blends in with the true colour almost like trying to put a water colour wash on an oil painting.

If you wish to mask your natural eye then you want to go for an opaque lens. They are made from a thick layer of colour blending several hues like a natural eye. This covers the iris leaving a small area in the centre so you can see through without the lens affecting your vision. These two types of lens can also be used to correct deformities in eyes and come in prescription lens and non-prescription.

The third type of coloured lenses is the fun lens. These come in a variety of designs and colours from subtle to wild. You can get plain fluorescent colours or ones with wild designs from animals, horror or mirrored for example.

The lenses are made using different processes depending on manufacturer. One process used is the gel edged technology. It is very comfortable to wear and durable. A vibrant layer of colour is layered onto the lens and then another layer of lens material is compressed on top. This method adds a deeper texture and with the added dark ring around the colour gives an all round more youthful look to the eye.