Choosing Body Fragrance

Keep in mind your sense of small is best when you first wake up. This is the best time to choose the scent you want to wear because you no part of it will escape your olfactory senses. After you have taken a shower with scented soaps, smelled the coffee brewing and are assaulted by the fumes of the traffic in the mornings, you can bet your sense of small is not as strong.

Take home samples of the scents you think you would prefer the most. Keep them closed tightly until you can sample them upon first awakening. Most retailers offer small glass tubes of samples for their best selections. This is the best way to get the most enjoyable fragrance.

The area of your body can determine the strength and density of a perfume. Place drops on your neck, behind your ears and on your ankles for the greatest effect. Always remember to use stronger scents sparingly or you will create a smell that is violating and too strong. This is especially true for a scent that is strong with just one drop.

Many people choose certain scents for special times. In fact, many wearers only wear some scents during certain times of the year. You might consider wearing musk scents in the fall and winter while leaving the floral and brighter scents to spring and summer. Think about the scent you would most prefer to wear during the day at work or the one you would like to use for evenings while out on the town.

When selecting scents as gifts for other people, think about asking about their favorites ahead of time. In some cases, your recipients may have a selection they have heard of and would like to try. Obtain a sample of this choice and give it to them along with a gift certificate for purchasing the scent if they end up liking it after all.

Nothing is like putting on your favorite scent after a long, hot, soothing bath. Pampering yourself helps to relieve stress and increase your self esteem. Choose the fragrances you love the most and include them in your daily hygiene care.