Choose Belly Button Jewelry

Sterling silver and gold are not good choices for a first navel piercing, since they often consist of alloys that could trigger a rejection or intolerance reaction within your body. Through the healing period you may use belly button jewelry made of surgical steel. Surgical steel causes no irritation and it also lets the wound to heal easily. It’s not necessary to remove the ring before the wound is healed. In reality, specialists advice that a similar ring be worn for a few months, before changing to a new jewelry, so you can make sure that there are no complications from the piercing.

In addition to surgical steel, other materials used for the manufacturing of belly button jewelry, we ought to mention titanium, acrylic, told, gold, sterling silver or organic matter. The greater precious the jewel, the higher the price. Don’t pay for belly rings of uncertain quality. A few poor quality items contain nickel, that is pretty irritating for the tissues. It may even cause allergies.

That is a better idea to buy from a trustworthy shop even when the price is a bit steeper. We usually get what we pay for, that’s an unavoidable truth. And you certainly would like to get the best.

The belly button rings that suit most easily in the navel area are spirals and curved barbells. Moving and dangling pieces can be added to the barbell in order to make it fashionable. According to the design, belly jewelry incorporate picture logos, animal symbols, sports icons, zodiac signs or gemstones. Individuals are extremely creative with regards to decorating their own bodies, so that you can add practically anything to the belly button jewelry to increase their beauty.

Venus hoops are another type of belly button rings worth mentioning. These rings include freely moving hoops that complete a full swiveling motion around the barbell. This allows the hoop to always feel comfortable in the navel. In case you fear you won’t get used to the ring in the jewelry, a Venus hoop might prove a really inspired choice.