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Rules of Colour Coordination

  • White Shirts Never Fail– When you have nowhere else to turn, always go for the white shirt. White shirts will match almost anything you have in your closet, and work well with those uniquely coloured and patterned items that are difficult to match. This type of shirt, when well-fitting, is timeless and classic, allowing you to look sharp and wonderfully coordinated.
  • Grey Works Well With Colours– Let’s say your wife bought you a bright, bold pink dress shirt for Christmas. You know she is waiting anxiously to see when you decide to wear it and how you are going to wear it. The big problem in this scenario is you don’t know how to work with this type of bold colour. When in doubt, always reach for your grey suits for men. Grey allows you to wear these bright colours easily. It dulls down and manages these colours, allowing you to experiment with new and vibrant colours without sticking out like a sore thumb.
  • Forget The Coloured Trousers– When you are choosing suits for men, chinos, or any other kind of trousers, always resist the urge to choose colours that are out of the ordinary. Stick to the basics: black, navy blue, grey, and brown. While a variety of colours are out there, it takes a keen eye to be able to avoid making them appear obnoxious and overwhelming. Your pants should always look refined, polished, and understated; they should not take attention away from the rest of your ensemble.
  • Use The Same Colour Values– When you are choosing colours for your suits for men, a simple rule to follow is to use colours with the same values. This describes the same degree of darkness and lightness for each colour. The easiest way to determine if you are using the right colours is to pair pastels with pastels, bright colours with bright colours, and dark colours with dark colours.
  • Complementary Colours Work Well– Following the rules of a colour wheel can help you effortlessly put together an outfit, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Choose colours that compliment one other by finding colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel. These colours may be purple and yellow, red and green, or blue and orange. With just this one simple rule, you can look confident and knowledgeable in any suit you put on.

Many men have trouble coordinating their suit colours. Learning how to do this does not have to be a long and difficult process though. With these five basic rules, you can easily show off your colour-savvy style when wearing your suits for men.


Full Rim Eyeglasses

As a beginner with eyewear, you need not necessary go bold with your first ever eyewear. A simple and functional frame is a good place to start. After getting used to it, you can experiment with different styles of full rim eyeglasses. Also, don’t get carried away by celebrity trends, while a particular frame may look striking on some celebrity, it may not give the same appeal on everyone. When a designer eyeglasses frame does not work on a face, it will never do, no matter how hard you try.

You can only make a statement, if you chose eyewear frames according to your face shape. Selecting a frame for a particular face shape is relatively simple. The frame should contrast with the face shape. A well-rounded face with well-endowed facial features can elegantly carry off a rectangular shell type full rim with a strip of contemporary accents.

Not only the face shape and size, the frame’s size also matters. Over-sized frames can work, if only they are worn right. When choosing over-sized frames, make sure the rest of your attire is dressed down. A pair of chunky, full rim eyeglasses can be matched with a basic suit and minimal accessories in neutral colors.
Apart from the frame’s size, its design can also bring character to the frames. For a fun, yet cultured appeal, a full rim eyewear with thick tortoise shell frames can be sported. The tortoise accent can spice up your outfit, without overwhelming your face. These prints are available in many shades; so, it is mandatory to choose the tone of the tortoise shell, with your skin tone in mind.

Not just for style factor, most of us need eyewear for pure eyesight issues. A thin full rim frame with thick armatures can make stylish reading eyeglasses. On the contrary, people who do not like wearing glaringly visible eyeglass frames, can give clear frames a try. Transparent and light-weight, full rim eyewear will appeal to all.

Bold and Beautiful

Check any international runway and you’ll quickly spot Brazilian influence. Whether it’s a superstar supermodel like Adriana Lima, who hails from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, or Rio Grande do Sul native, Gisele Bundchen, who has been largely credited with ending the “heroin chic” look of modern-day models, and instead bringing a healthier looking woman to the runway.

But it’s not just the breathtakingly beautiful models that are getting attention on international fashion runways. Fashion designs themselves are getting some Brazilian flair, including bold, lively colors, including rich reds, coral, yellow, and white, with subtle metallic accents, including belts and jewelry. Victoria’s Secret even devoted its entire swimsuit catalog to Brazilian-inspired swimwear!

You can even find Brazilian inspiration in today’s popular shoes. Gone are subtle, demure heels. Instead they’ve been replaced by thick, chunky four-inch heels, and huge blocks of color from designers such as Luz da Lua and Morena Rosa. Paired with a mini skirt, shorts, a fringe dress, or a fitted pair of capris and you’ve got “hot, hot, hot!”

Choose a Clutch Bag

A clutch handbag is a small bag that can hold your accessories like lipstick, a cell phone, money, credit cards and all other things you need. Especially, most of the women don’t like to go to evening parties without a handy evening bag… Though this bag may small in size, it can make an outfit stand out from the crowd. A clutch is the perfect accessory to be carried at a formal cocktail party, club, or ball.

The summer is here… So how can we forget summer parties? Clutch bags are chic and frequently used at parties during this season. Whether you are wearing your best dress and best make up, it is useless without a stylish clutch handbag. It’s a well known fact that fashion trends are changing day by day. So if you are thinking of buying the best Clutch handbag for that special occasion, there are some facts that you need to consider.

The Occasion and Your Appearance

Whatever the occasion is, the most important fact is you should be unique! So consider the outfit first and then choose a clutch handbag which suits it following the entire style and colour. Pay your attention to the colours, material and style of your dress to get the best results. If you attend some social events, it will be better to carry a classic and elegant clutch bag. If you go to some casual parties, you can choose a more daring style of clutch bag to make you look lovely and distinctive.


This should be the most considerable fact when you choosing a evening bag. When talking about colours, there is no limit for the colours we can wear… But when choosing the perfect clutch bag, we should consider the colours as well as the style. By doing some experiments, you can create a unique outfit with a matching clutch bag. The current fashion trends and colours for summer 2012 are the ever popular, pastel pink with bridemaids, red and royal blue for the guests, ivory for the brides and a combination of contrasting colours like a silver dress with a red clutch bag and red high heels. But if you want to create a classical look, you can choose the traditional colours such as black, white or grey. A traditional silver clutch bag can gives you a vibrant and elegant look.

The price & the quality

This is the most head burning question the majority of women have. Sometimes you may feel, is this worth the price? Does it look great? Women are now looking for great offers for clutch bags so they can have a bigger range to choose and match with their dresses. Women are looking for a bag that fits the bill without breaking the bank and feel satisfied with their purchase.

Clothes Styles Make Look Younger

When it comes to choosing clothes to make you look younger, bright is best. Many women tend to fall into the trap of opting for dull, bland colours. Adding bright colours to your outfit will instantly give you a more youthful glow. However, this doesn’t mean you have to wear a bright red pencil skirt or yellow heels; spicing up your style with a colourful scarf or belt can brighten up even the dullest of outfits. Although they can be very flattering when worn correctly, pastel and neutral colours also tend to make women look older.

The fit is another key point which the majority of women tend to ignore in relation to their everyday wardrobe. Clothes which are too baggy will make you look and feel frumpy and dull and also add years to your actual age. On the other hand, clothes which are too tight are equally as unflattering. Well-tailored, fitting clothes will definitely make you look younger as well as more stylish.

The majority of middle aged women very rarely update their wardrobe. The fear of throwing out old, out-dated clothes which may “come back into fashion” means wardrobes quickly start overflowing with items which are no longer worn. The key rule here: one in – one out. And make sure you have a thorough clean out now and again.

Little subtle changes such as updating your accessories collection can also make a big difference to your appearance. Costume jewellery is one of the easiest ways to do this. You don’t have to stick to the old style matching earrings and necklace, for example. Large pendants in bold colours can be worn with small stud earrings for a more modern, youthful look.

Fake Tattoo Sleeves

These sleeves are made of the same type of material that women’s stockings are made from so one-size fits all. This product has filtered down to the general public wearing them for such occasions as a night out on the town, or a one-time use such as a Halloween party. Fake tattoo sleeves look real and if you use accessories such as a watch to cover the fabric end at your wrist no one will be able to tell the difference. If a watch isn’t your style another popular way of hiding the lines are the larger leather studded bracelets.

Again one of the best features of this product is the pricing, you can buy sleeves from anywhere around 6 dollars. Comparing that to a real sleeve of upward of a thousand dollars for a basic design the savings are massive. Some sites out their even offer packages you can purchase to increase your savings even more. Now there is several websites in separate countries making these sleeves so it will be easy to find one with reasonable shipping rates. If online purchasing doesn’t tickle your fancy most of your larger retail outlets sell sleeves as well.

The ability to remove it in 20 seconds is massive up side over getting a real tattoo. You can take one off and swap it with a new design you just purchased or remove it all together to go for that new job interview. There are a number of design themes out there from Skulls to Koi, Dragons, and even Tribal. Those are just a few examples a quick browse through a retailers website will uncover the unlimited amount of possibilities. You will have no trouble filling your closet with several sleeves for you to mix and match for different occasions.

So if you are trying to follow the social trend of having tattoo sleeves but don’t have the time or money for a real one, look into Fake Tattoo Sleeves today! You will not be disappointed!

About Canvas Tote Bags

Like lots of good ideas, canvas tote bags were first popular with people who had a serious problem and needed a serious solution. The problem is that when you’re moving lots of stuff from place to place, and have no idea what you’ll be carrying, where you’ll carry it, whether or not you’ll drop it, etc., you need a container that is durable, versatile, and cheap. And if you’re going to be seen with it all day, you might as well aim for style, too. Canvas bags are the perfect solution to this problem, which is why they’re the bag of choice among people for whom bags are serious business.

If you’re looking for canvas tote bags, you no longer have to worry about the possibility that people will presume that you’re involved with one of those professions. These days, you wouldn’t be surprised to see bicycle messengers bearing canvas tote bags — but you also wouldn’t be surprised to see an accountant with canvas tote bags full of reports, or a graphic designer stashing his Macbook in a tote bag. The stereotype of the tote bag user used to be blue collar — now the presumption is that people with canvas tote bags are practical people with an eye for quality and great design.

When you’re picking out canvas bags to tote your stuff, it can be helpful to think like one of the original users: is this something you could stuff with oddly-shaped goods, carry across the city, empty out, and stuff again? Is this something you wouldn’t mind wearing (and being seen with!) eight hours a day? If your canvas tote bags pass those tests, they’re probably going to be sturdy and good-looking. Once you’d resolved that, you can move onto other concerns. You don’t want a hideous bag, and you really don’t want a great-looking bag that disintegrates the first time you have to haul something across a borough on a strict deadline.

It’s always nice to match your bags to other things you wear and use. If you have a more sober, professional demeanor, you might pick a neutrally-toned tote that doesn’t really jump out. People will notice, but they won’t just notice the bag. On the other hand, if you’re used to more flamboyant dress and more unusual action, you can spice things up even more by picking out canvas tote bags with unusual colors or designs. Since they’re almost universally practical, you have lots of freedom to pick canvas tote bags that match your personality without sacrificing utility or price.

The best way to find great canvas tote bags is to find a great seller. Lots of clothing and fashion retailers have started carrying them, but your best bet is to look for a smaller seller of canvas tote bags. You want someone with a selection that’s really been selected, not just something thrown together at the last minute or carefully optmized based on some focus group.

Canvas tote bags represent a renaissance in style combined with utility. As many electronics and auto designers have realized, one of the best shortcuts to making something look good is to make it completely utilitarian first, and then decorate only in ways that don’t diminish its utility. Instead of pointless tassles, useless buttons, and other frippery, they’re all business when they need to be, and a great fashion statement when you want them to be.

About Watches

A great watch to get fancy with is the Invicta 7330 Mens Signature Sport Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch. This stainless steel wonder is under $100 so you don’t need to break the bank looking good. This watch is comparable in style and quality to most Invicta.

Russian Diver watches. The watch is driven by a Japanese TMI PC32 Quartz movement. Japan is a pretty fancy country and you can rely on them to make fancy things. They did, after all, invent sushi, one of the world’s fanciest foods.

If steel isn’t your thing and you want to go with something more traditionally fancy I would suggest something in the Sthurling Winchester series. The Stuhrling 165B Winchester Grand Auto Mechanical Mens Watch is gold, which ups its fancy factor a lot. It is also skeletal so people can see all the work and craftsmanship that went into the watch. It is kind of like saying “Hey! Look at my fancy watch” without having to say it.

For the fiercely fancy female there are a great deal of watch choices. Michal Kors watches for women are fancy and come in a wide range of styles. One of my personal favorites is Michael Kors MK5388 Ceramic Chrono Chain Bracelet Womens Watch. This delicate, black rose of a watch lets the world know you only eat in five star restaurants. Ceramic watches are hot right now from the runways of Milan to posh clubs of Los Angeles.

Another fancy, femme fatale of a watch is the Burgi Women’s Malachite Reversible Dial Quartz Strap Watch. This watch has diamonds, mother of pearl, and malachite. You can wear it as a bracelet and discreetly check the time when you need to. Not that you would have a reason to hide the watch face, because it so lovely, but you could if you wanted to. Reversible watches are not that common adding major points to their fancy factor.

Selecting a Prom Dress

  • Body type
    Body type is an extremely important consideration when shopping for a prom wear. When you start shopping you will tend to find a great variety of beautiful prom dresses and this may result into confusion. You should never select a dress just because it is extremely beautiful and looks great on the model wearing it. But you do not necessarily have a body type like the model. So it is very important to choose a dress that will show of your best features hiding your flaws. All dresses on the internet would look extremely glamorous to you, but selecting the one dress which will make you look glamorous is what counts.
  • Size
    The second important aspect is the size. Size has always been a matter of concern for almost all women. Many women really have to work hard in order to find the perfect size for themselves. It is a simple rule, the closer to your actual size you get the less likely you’ll need alterations. Size varies with manufacturers. They provide a size chart on the site. So it is always advisable to take your bust, waist and hip measurements and then match them up on the chart and you will have your perfect size.
  • Style
    After you go online and explore the amazing collection at different sites you will come across various styles. Every style has its own customers. For instance, long prom dresses are preferred by tall girls because it makes them look matured and elegant. Whereas short girls prefer short prom dresses that make them look cute. Select a style see if it goes with your body type and looks.

Personal Cufflink Collection

  • Functional – These cufflinks come with other features besides that of enhancing attire. They can come with little games inside them, real, functioning watches or rulers.
  • Antique – As the word says, these cufflinks cost more because of their age or rarity, and they are collectible based on these criteria. The better the condition of the cufflinks, the higher their prices are likely to go.
  • Materials – This category would hold such items as precious or semi-precious stones, such as diamonds, rubies or sapphires, although they could also fit in a “stone,” “metal” or “precious gem” categories.
  • Designer – Some famous men’s clothing designers also design men’s jewelry, to include cufflinks. Their logo is likely to appear on the cufflinks somewhere tasteful.
  • Sports – This very popular category of cufflinks deals with all things involved in sports. You will be able to find team colors and logos here, as well as images, such as footballs, baseballs and soccer (US) balls. Here, you will find cufflinks with official NFL, NCAA or equivalent sports licenses for your favorite sport.
  • Commemorative – Do you want your groomsmen to remember your wedding fondly? Then, buy each of them commemorative cufflinks. Maybe you will be serving champagne and would like to put miniature champagne bottles on pairs of cufflinks. They will remember your event fondly. You might describe the picture above as commemorative of your military service to your country.
  • Sets – Those who love dressing up to go out on the town love having matched sets of cufflinks, especially if they match their other jewelry. Sets are great, because they can go to one or more categories, based on their content. These cufflinks come with matching tie tacks, shirt studs or tie bars. My favorite in this category would be small tumbled stones on gold or silver jewelry findings.
  • Singles – Completely opposite to sets, these pieces stand out from the crowd by being dissimilar to each other. Perhaps the owner lost the other piece and found one that sets off the pair nicely. Some people will pair off two antique cufflinks that are not exactly the same, but similar. While not an exact match, these cufflinks can give a great visual experience to those who see them.
  • Closure types – These backings differentiate from among several categories of cufflinks backings all made with different types of shirts in mind.
  • Precious Metals – These are traditionally gold, silver or maybe platinum. They will contain diamonds or other precious and semi-precious stones, such as moonstone, retaliated quartz or topaz. Birthstones would go into this category. However, even without the stones, some of the precious metals can stand alone.