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Luxury Knitwear

The Merino wool that is sheared from a top breed of sheep is the main attraction and reason behind the popularity of luxury knitwear clothing items. This wool has attributes that differentiates it from other wool types. It is ultra light with extremely fine fibres. It can be compared in softness and feel to only the best of cashmere wool that is also found from a rare breed of mountain goats.

The special characteristic of such wool is that it can be blended nicely with any other material and that gives it a tremendous advantage. You thus can have it included in various proportions with other material to get different grades of ultra fine, woolen clothing. The positive aspect though is that this wool is not as rare as cashmere wool since it can be sheared off sheep found in New Zealand, Spain, Australia, Sweden and Argentina to name a few countries. Consequently, it is also more affordable as compared to cashmere wool.

Luxury knitwear has received a major fillip with the introduction of Merino wool. The knitwear became very popular with everybody due to its lightness, wonderful feel and moisture resistant properties. A country like New Zealand which has damp cold weather is one of the major consumers of such knitwear. The material also dissipates heat just as quickly and therefore can be worn in hot weather conditions as well without putting it to wash regularly. It is free of any odour and does not get soiled quickly as well, making it a perfect wear for formal as well as casual occasions.

One classic example of how such luxury knitwear has replaced traditional knitwear clothing is the sport of golf. The change in the knitting process involving circular knitting whereby a three dimensional garment is neatly knitted to a single seamless item has made it just so much easier for golfers to indulge in their swing without having to worry about any lost elasticity or shape. The non-piling attributes of this material is another reason for such luxury knitwear being able to retain its shape and firmness for a long period of time.

Add to this the modern techniques used for dyeing and the finishing of fabric and you have a product that is able to retain its colour, elasticity and soft feel for extended periods of time. Indeed luxury knitwear has created a new market for itself and this clothing is now being increasingly used not only for sports but also for smart casual wear.

About Types of Reclosable Bags

There are other styles of reclosable bags, including ones with tape along the edge those that actually have a drawstring in them that is used to pull the top of the bag together. While the ones with tape on them are sometimes used as sandwich bags, the drawstring style are almost only used for shopping – mainly because they are not totally sealed.

In general reclosable zipper plastic bags come in various sizes, and they are also made of varying strength depending on what they are to be used for. Most brands carry smaller bags, sandwich size bags and bags that will hold different amounts such as gallon bags, pint bags, etc.

Usually freezer bags, or those that are designed specifically to be placed in freezers, are made from a thicker grade plastic than the sandwich bags, for example. Ziploc even produces a specific freezer bag that has two layers of plastic. The inner layer is cling plastic that clings to the food, whereas the outer layer is a standard (though slightly thicker) plastic. This double layer is meant to keep the food that is place in the freezer from freezer burn, which although not dangerous to health, does cause the meat not to be as tasty when cooked.

The sandwich sized reclosable bag is probably the most popular. It is designed to be the exact size for a slice of bread, and they can usually hold either one or two layers of sandwiches. Smaller snack reclosable bags are perfect for carrying snack foods such as peanuts, raisins and even crackers around. These are especially useful if you have toddlers or young children, as you can always have a healthy snack on hand to give them when you go out with them.

Of course, there are also other specific types of bags made, such as those that can go in the microwave (providing you follow the instructions for their use), and bags with small holes that are used for storing fresh vegetables and fruit. It seems no matter what you r specific needs, there should be a reclosable bag that will be just right for you.

Sensational Silver Bag

Handbags are available in many shapes and sizes and are undoubtedly the ladies favourite accessory and a Silver Bag looks fabulous.

The Clutch Handbag is the most popular bag for the special occasion, and a Silver Clutch Bag is the perfect fashion accessory for a wedding, christening or night out. A glittering silver clutch bag will complement an outfit perfectly and a sparkly or sequin handbag is ideal for that Xmas Party or special evening out.

The Shoulder Bag comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and is definitely the most popular sort of bag for daily use either for going shopping or taking to work. The Hobo bag is considered one of the favoured styles of casual shoulder bag. Differentiate yourself from the crowd this year with a fantastic designer silver shoulder bag.

The Backpack is proving an extremely well-liked style of bag as a result of volume of storage it provides and it’s convenience of carrying around. A Silver Backpack sometimes known as a Daypack is a fabulous fashionable manner to carry about loads of things and these bags are perfect when going out for a full day.

The Overnight Bag or Weekender bag is a superb alternative to a suitcase when only going away for several nights. It’s really surprising how much you can easily fit into a decent size overnight or weekender bag, and in silver these bags look really trendy. For the lengthier getaway, or vacation, a silver suitcase is definitely a top way to commute in style.

There are some superb designers creating beautiful silver bags utilizing a extensive selection of materials. The most common material is leather, and nothing beats a nice leather handbag for daily use. For the best sparkling and glimmering type of silver bag diamante and sequins are used to make a glamorous and stylish bag. Many bags are made from canvas, such as the backpack or satchel type of bag, this kind of bag is becoming extremely popular.

Wedge Heels

While most high heels have small, thin and tall heels, wedge heels by definition have heels in the shape of a wedge. While some may consider these heels to be a little on the bulky side, they are in fact some of the more fashionable choices of footwear available today. Initially, they came into fashion when shoes similar to the modern design were made in the 1930s. The genius behind this epic design would be Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence, one of the fashion capitals of the world. Due to leather and rubber shortage at the time, the first wedge heels were made using cork and wood.

As a result, the one of the first orthopedic heels available were brought into existence. This is because the shoes not only did not concentrate all the stress on one part of the wearer’s feet but they are also much lighter due to the material used. Another great perk that came with this unconventional use of these materials were that the heels produced were significantly more durable and robust. They first became popular during the Second World War when leather and rubber materials were essential in the production of military goods.

As such, those that used cork and wood as materials at the time were one of the few available choices of fashionable shoe design at the time. As it provided both height and a significant improvement in the sense of comfort in comparison to other high heels such as stilettos, they quickly became the latest vogue at the time. Like everything in the fashion industry however, they did lose popularity over the years. However, in the 1970s, wedge heels resurfaced with a wider variety of designs. This period saw to the birth of the disco culture that included outrageous and loud fashion styles where wedge platforms became popular amongst both men and women.

One name particularly responsible in the revival of the design at the time was Yves Saint Laurent who produced a number of them in his collection. The heels resurfaced yet again later in the 1990s. The cause of this revival was never really confirmed though one of the more famous ones was that the design became hugely popular amongst celebrities at the time such as the popular band, “The Spice Girls”. The design’s most recent comeback was in the summer of 2006 where certain designers like the French, Thierry de Havvilaud. As such, today’s designs include everything from straps to secure the wedges to flip-flop designs consisting of smaller wedge heels.

Choosing Good Baby Bags

Storage Space

Your primary reason for buying a baby bag is to use it as a vessel for your child’s needs. It must be able to contain as many items as you need for the length of time your baby will be out of the house. These items include diapers, changing pads, wipes, baby clothes, bottles, toys and burp cloths.

If these are all you need to put into the bag, it wouldn’t be a problem because these are small items, and they don’t occupy much space. But in order to minimize baggage, you have to include your belongings into the baby bag. This will make it easier for you to carry the baby and the bag together once you disembark from the car. The items you may put inside the baby bag may include a wallet, cell phone, a water bottle, some snack items, keys, makeup, a comb, a handkerchief and extra underwear.

Ease of Use

You will surely have your hands full when you’re trying to change your baby’s clothes or diaper in a public place. Having a bag that facilitates ease of use is a big plus. A baby bag that allows you to neatly organize its contents helps to make a task like this easier and faster. You should be able to grab the items you need without prying inside; you need to focus your eyes on your baby to avoid accidents from happening.

But you should also take into consideration that ease of use doesn’t end in putting baby items in order. You should consider the bag’s ability to accommodate some of your personal items. It can help to make you a bit more comfortable and faster.

Quality and Cost

Quality of the bag encompasses durability, ease of use, workmanship, and the material used to produce the product. Quality plays a very important role in the use of the bag, especially that you’ll be bringing it frequently. It is really susceptible to wear and tear. You should take particular notice of the zipper and the handles; they are the most abused parts of your baby bag. They should be strong enough to withstand less-than-gentle handling.

But you should bear in mind that quality and cost cannot go together well most of the time. But since you cannot sacrifice one for the other, you need to choose a mid range baby bag that costs between $60 and $100. This can give you considerable quality at an affordable price.


Choosing a style is really up to you. Baby bags come with different styles, but what is important is its usefulness to you. Style is more concerned about features and looks, but usefulness focuses more on the benefits it can give you as the user.

But if you can see a bag with beneficial features such as a bottle holder or a special compartment for mother’s accessories, it’s a good one.

Maintaining Your Shoes

  • Leather – leather is made from the skin of various animals. The animals hide is tailored to form many different types of finishes.
  1. Vegetable dyed/tanned leather – This is the most popular type of finish for a shoe. It is tanned by using many different types of chemicals and colouring for a desired finish. The best type of cleaner is a cream cleaner which picks out dirt while restoring the oil natural sheen. Using foam cleaners or liquid cleaners will permanently stain the shoe.
  2. Single or multi gloss – The leather can be glossed once over or several times to give it more of a shinier stiffer feel. Best cleaner is to use a foam type cleaner and an instant gloss shine sponge. Refrain from using spray protectors on these types of shoes as they tend to dull the finish.
  3. Suede – This is the Outside of the hide. Best cleaner is a suede nubuck block, which works like an eraser. Use an all purpose protector or a suede spray to protect the finish from dirt and the elements.
  • Nubuck – This is a form of suede but more durable. It is inside of the hide, and has an oily texture and feel because of the hair proteins. The best cleaner is a suede nubuck block and mink oil to bring back the lustre. Don’t spray these shoes with a protector as it will cake on and dull the finish.
  • Synthetic – Or Faux leather. This type of shoe is composed of a plastic and or fabric material blend generally with a gloss finish. Even though the shoe seems simple enough to a quick wipe down, it is good to maintain these because the gloss can make the shoe crack across the toe area.  Use foam cleaner and over lay with a shine sponge.
  • Fabric – fabric shoes come in different variations, from a casual slip on to dress shoes. The best type of cleaner to use is a strictly fabric cleaner. General it’s a form of detergent or a clear liquid labelled ‘Fabric shoe cleaner’. You can spray these shoes with an all purpose protector to prevent dust particles and stains from settling in.

You can save a lot of money instead of buying a new shoe every time a pair falls apart on you by just investing that little extra into cleaners and protectors.  For those of you who may be more on a shoe string budget and rather not fork out that extra loot for the product you can try using normal household products to keep them looking good.  Petroleum jelly on leather can aid as not only an instant shine but as a basic waterproofing. Just simply rub on with a cloth or a used nylon to help buff out a shine.  If your sole ever comes apart you can use crazy glue or even supplement for any type of rubber compound epoxy rather than paying a shoe repair the extra dough for a little work.  These are all little tips and tricks that help you go a long way.

Balance Fashion and Masculinity

  • Determine Your Style– When you are trying to determine which style is right for you, it is best to consider your profession, your age, and where you want your life to go. If your profession lies in a creative field, you may want to consider more modern styles with trim fit, sleek lines, and a monochromatic colour palette. However, if your profession has you working with customers and clients on a daily basis, a more conservative approach is best. Determining the style that is right for you, whether it involves a blazer and chinos or a navy pinstripe suit, will help you avoid falling for trends and earn you the attention and respect you deserve.
  • Get a Woman’s Help– Shopping for the best fitting clothes can be difficult, and the honest eye of a woman can help. A female shopping partner will help you figure out what patterns, colours, and fabrics look perfect on you, and she will also help you choose the types of clothing that will accentuate your best features. With this type of assistance, you can be sure you will be admired by other women, which will increase your sense of masculinity.
  • Let Your Interest In Fashion Be Your Own– While exploring your own sense of fashion is wonderful, it is not something you want to discuss around the water cooler in the office. You may be able to tell another man in the office you like his shoes, but asking him where he purchased his chinos and how well they fit should be a topic reserved for your closest friends. Let your interest in fashion be your own, and try not to discuss it with other men.
  • Don’t Dress Down– Many men think that they are automatically giving up their masculinity if they dress well, so they choose more casual and relaxed clothing. This is a big mistake. Forgoing the stylish chinos or power suits can actually emasculate you and keep you from fully living your dreams and your life.

Balancing fashion and masculinity allows you to take control of not only your wardrobe, but your life. Whether you are interested in wearing tweed, blazers, chinos, or suits, choose the best fashion and styles for your age, profession, and lifestyle.


Dress Alteration

No tailor is going to admit that they do not know the art of alteration. So, the only way you’re going to find out is when the dress comes back looking terrible – not at all like how you imagined it! Often, the dress is beyond rescue and must simply be pushed to the inner recesses of the wardrobe.

A good dress alteration job essentially consists of three components:

  • The skill of the tailor doing the job
  • Whether the fabric may be subjected to alteration
  • A knowledge of how the alteration can impact its overall proportion

The first component – a skilled tailor – is the most important component and will automatically take care of the remaining two components. For, a skilled tailor can give the right advice when it comes to the nature of the fabric and the impact of alteration on its overall proportion. In fact, a good tailor can go one step further and suggest different ways of alteration that can make the dress look just right on the wearer’s figure.

When choosing someone to alter a garment, it is necessary to look for the following:

  • Experience: How many years of experience do they have in similar jobs? Altering a wedding gown is different from altering tees or jeans, and requires a different set of skills. Similarly, a tailor who works predominantly with men’s garments may not be the right person for altering women’s garments and vice versa. On the other hand, some tailors have a vast gamut of experience as they work with a large number of clients. Some are even affiliated with retail stores, which is proof enough of their versatility, experience and quality of service.
  • Samples: As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Ask for a sample of their work and examine the quality of their work. You can also ask friends and colleagues for references. A great tailor will have a vast number of highly satisfied clients who are eager to vouch for the tailor’s quality of work.
  • Cost: Simple alterations are typically inexpensive. These are alterations that you could perform yourself. On the other hand, alterations that require medium to high levels of skill require greater finesse and are therefore more expensive.

Completing Outfit With Eyeglasses

  • Work: Even as our times are changing, one old stereotype that just never disappeared is that eyeglasses help create a more intelligent and sophisticated appeal; therefore, I say work with it! At work, we tend to wear a lot of neutral colors. While there may be a pop of color influencing some of our outfits, primarily suits, pinstripes, and button-up shirts crowd our offices during business days. The most professional looking eyeglasses mimic this look by offering blacks, browns, and dark metals. When shooting for the no-nonsense professional look, you will want to choose either a metal or plastic frame in these neutral colors. Should you decide that the plastic frame is the way to go for your “work look”, be sure to choose something on the thinner side. And again, keep it neutral! In an office setting, it’s always best to stay on the conservative side – unless you work in a very creative environment; you don’t want to bring attention to yourself in a negative way!
  • Casual: When spending some time with our friends in a casual setting, we all want to feel relaxed. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt show the ultimate form of comfort. Furthermore, with this laid-back persona, we have the freedom of showing our true selves, and what better way than to do so with the best placed accessory: eyeglasses! Currently, retro frames are an extremely popular style. So, how about trying a pair of these fun-loving glasses during your next study session or coffee break? They come in several fun and flashy colors; or, you could go with the simple black or white look – which, of course, can always be relied on to match any t-shirt! When dressing up to hang out with friends, you want a pair of glasses that you can simply throw on like an old pair of jeans – but still highlight your best feature: your personality.
  • Going Out: When going out on the town, whether it be to a club or a special dinner date, you want to really mix the two personas above. The best choice for this category would be a pair of glasses that can both show your personality, as well as be passed off as an elegant accessory. For this outfit, look inside yourself to decide the best frame style for your needs: funky, sophisticated, fun-loving, or conservative. You could go with either the simple dark metal-type, or the recently featured retro style. I the retro style is a bit too aggressive for your taste, one great new look are frames that appear as simple metal in the front but have a fun and active design on the temples. Ultimately, when dressing up to go out on the town, you want to showcase your creativity in a fashion savvy way!

About Snug Fitting Base Layers

The inner layer is usually made of the close-fitting shirts, trousers and underwear, all of which go underneath the middle and shell layers. The pieces of clothing that make up the first layer are made from a wide variety of materials each one of which has its pros and cons. These will be discussed in this article.

The most popular materials used for first layer clothing are synthetic particularly polyester and polyester blends. This is because the fabric is well known for its soft, easy-to-care-for and, most importantly, reliable wicking properties. It is also one of the lightest fabrics known to man as well as wrinkle- and abrasion-resistant than most other fabrics.

Of course, there are demerits to polyester fabrics. These are usually vulnerable to staining and, thus, tend to have short life spans once stained. Add in its easy accumulation of odours when worn multiple times and manufacturers are still finding ways to make the fabric better. Other synthetic materials include nylon and spandex. Nylon increases abrasion resistance while spandex adds stretch – and perhaps, a touch of sexiness.

Yet another common but less used material than synthetic fabric is wool, which we all to be made from sheep. In base layers, wool almost always pertains to merino wool, which is premium wool known for its ultra-soft, ultra-fine fibres.

It is a luxurious material used for other items like rugs and blankets because of its lightweight and yet insulating properties. Merino wool is also machine-washable coupled with stain- and wrinkle-resistant properties, thus, its reputation as one of the best natural fibres.

Base layers are also made from silk but not just any silk – it’s treated silk. This means that the silk fabric was treated with chemical processes to improve on its wicking property. The result is a moisture-resistant fabric that as smooth as, well, silk on the skin and as lightweight on the body as possible.

Which of these materials is the best material for a base layer? Well, it depends on your personal preferences and your budget. For the most part, merino wool inner layer clothes are more expensive that polyester blend and treated silk clothes for obvious reasons.