Cashmere Clothing

Cashmere is a material that isn’t available in plenty. It may be sheared or cropped out of mountain goats only found in the Himalayan flatlands, China, Mongolia as well as Tibet. Furthermore, the extent of cashmere fibres that may be sheared at any one point of time out of every individual goat isn’t a great deal. This is an activity that also cannot be done repeatedly within a year and is normally an annual affair. Considering the high popularity of this material and also the different products made from it such as cardigans, shawls, jumpers, as well as scarves and so forth, supply constraints as mentioned result in soaring costs. Another fact that requires mention is that there are buyers even at these high prices who are waiting and keen to lap up any stuff that is made available and that virtually puts cashmere clothing beyond the common man’s reach.

Let us now try to understand this craze for cashmere clothing in more detail. There are some things that stand out. The unique feel of the fabric in conjunction with its performance and utility in addition to the snobbish value places this clothing in a different league altogether. The ability and craftsmanship acquired as well as perfected by conventional Scottish artists for making these hand designed clothing out of cashmere is also another positive factor. Though today’s technology and devices have automated many of the processes when compared with yesteryears, certain processes continue to be totally hand managed and it is these types that continue to fetch a much higher premium as compared to other products. Buyers are willing to pay just about any price for authentic cashmere clothing.

Certainly, the advent of technology has enabled the introduction of many designs, better finishing, dyeing and other embellishments. These permutations and combinations were not possible when cashmere clothing was made manually. Consumers are thus able to get access to a much wider spectrum of patterns and sizes as long as they are willing to pay the price for them.

Despite best efforts though, we still have not been able to replicate the feel and comfort of natural cashmere clothing by producing its synthetic equivalent. It that were possible, the prices would come down and many would be able to afford this rather luxuriant and expensive item. Till then cashmere clothing would continue to be the preserve of a select few lucky enough to be able to afford it.