Black Converse High Tops

The one universal trait we found a lot of people talk about, is how comfortable they are. Some have even said that once you have worn them in a little, you get the feeling that you don’t even know you are wearing them. On top of that the, the canvas ones are also very lightweight, when compared to other sneakers, so it you don’t like bulky shoes then these will be right up your street.

The base of these canvas sneakers are quite flat which makes them great to use for all sorts of different activities. However, we would not recommend them for some specialist sports or activities like running or boarding, as they don’t have a great deal of foot support to help protect your feet.

From a colour perspective, the all black Converse are perceived by some people, as a little smarter than standard white sneakers, because they can be worn in many “casual” environments where you would normally have to wear black shoes. In fact we have seen comments from people who have worn them for work, skydiving and on all sorts of occasions, because being all black other people don’t even realise you are wearing sneakers.

Also, for the fashion conscious of you out there, fashion stylists agree that the black Converse make a great look with skinny jeans and can even be worn with a lot of other different clothes and outfits too. On the other hand, if you are someone who likes to stand out from the crowd and be seen as more of an individual, then you can actually customise these sneakers to show off your own personality by wearing them with different color laces or just lace them up in your own unique style.

Another benefit we see a lot of people comment on is the fact that they wear really well too, especially the leather ones, so they can last you a long time. Even under extreme use and if you wear them every day, many people commented that they have lasted a lot longer than they had expected, which makes them great value for money too.

Just be aware of one thing though, consider what size you buy, especially if you order them online. Some people have found the Converse high tops run a little bigger that other sneakers, so consider ordering a half a size smaller than you would usually wear, or go and try them on in your local store first before you order.

Well, we set out to find out if the black converse high tops are as popular today as when they were when they first came out all those years ago, and you bet they are. There are lot of great sneakers out on the market but the All Star Converse have surely stud the test of time.

There is no doubt that some people will just hate them, but who cares because if you are a Converse fan, once you own a pair of these fantastic sneakers, you probably always will.