Month: April 2020


Most of a person’s wardrobe most likely falls under the category of streetwear. Streetwear consists of casual clothes that they feel comfortable wearing pretty much anywhere. Basically, if a person isn’t dressed up, the clothing they are wearing could probably be considered this style, too. Many people have different styles, but one thing remains constant: around 90% of the people out in a social setting are wearing jeans and either t-shirts or hoodies. These are examples of outfits that would be considered streetwear.

The definition of streetwear covers a wide selection of clothing, and there are many brands, categories, and price ranges of clothing to choose from. In addition to brand names, there are thousands of different styles of clothing out there. Companies make logo t-shirts and hoodies with hundreds, if not thousands, of different designs. From company logos, to elaborate screen printed designs, to single color t-shirts, there are designs out there for everybody’s tastes in fashion. Some people enjoy wearing darker, toned down, earthy clothes while others enjoy wearing extremely vibrant colors, it is all a matter of personal preference but there are choices for everyone.

In addition to t-shirts and hoodies, there are also many different companies that make a variety of different designs of jeans. From brand new, immaculate, crisp looking denim jeans to pre-worn, stone washed, distressed jeans, there are jeans out there for anyone’s style. In addition to different types of jeans, there are also many different fits of jeans, from relaxed fit, to tight fit, to boot cut.

While there are a near infinite number of possibilities when it comes to building a wardrobe, it is also important to mention price. There are some companies that sell designer t-shirts for up to $80+ a piece and companies that sell designer jeans for $200+ per pair. On the other end of the spectrum, however, companies are still out there that make very affordable clothes, as low as $10 or so per t-shirt and $30 or so for a pair of jeans. No matter a person’s budget, they can build a respectable wardrobe if they shop intelligently.

Shopping in Estes Park

Years before Rocky Mountain National Park actually existed the world was interested in viewing the beautiful surrounding snow-capped mountains. Today more than three million visitors come to Rocky Mountain National Park each year and adjacent Estes Park is there to cater to their needs.

Have no fear if you’ve never engaged in outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, fishing, rafting, horseback riding, or camping because any equipment, clothing or footwear you will need is sold in town at reasonable prices. As a first time tourist you are freed from having to figure out what to bring because everything you will need can be purchased once you are there. You will have your choice of outdoor gear stores. Your selection of stores includes a large outlet store, smaller mom and pop stores to specialty footwear shops.

Let’s say you have no intention of doing anything more strenuous than climbing into your guided tour jeep to see the sights. After returning back to town what you want are stylish clothing and accessories stores, trendy boutiques and western wear stores. Once again, have no fear, there are plenty.

How about something to bring back to display in your home? There are furniture and home accessories stores as well as art and photo galleries.

Want to go souvenir shopping? There is everything from cheap trinkets to one of a kind, rare and expensive items. Next to the t-shirt, key chain, and souvenir mug stores are fine jewelry shops where the rings and bracelets are made by the store owners. Interested in handmade Native American items? Head to just one of the many stores that carry these items. How about fossilized dinosaur bones dating back thousands of years? Beeline to one of the three rock shops.

Dressing So Chic

Given all of these influences the Italians’ flair for fashion became the most popular in all of Europe. Italy continued to lead the fashionables in Europe for several more hundred years going from being the choice of Queen Catherine de’ Medici to being fashioned after the paintings of Raphael or Michelangelo among other favorite Italian painters. The popularity of these fashions seemed to be due to the elaborate fabrics and embellishments included in the designs as well as the accessories that either accompanied the clothing, or were meant to be used with it. Items were embellished with brocade, jewels or velvet, just whatever was elaborate or beautiful and consisted of fashion items such as dresses, shoes, robes, fabric, shoes or jewelry. In the 1400s skirts were dramatically pleated or gathered and even often made so as to reveal another dress hiding beneath them. By the 1600s French competition beat out the Italian designers until a period falling in the 1950s when the Italians again stood out. Designers in the 1950s included Giovanni Giorgini who successfully put the Italians back of Europe’s popular list with a fashion show he led in Florence, Italy in February of 1951.

Some of the most popular fashion icons wearing Italian fashion throughout the 1900s and beyond include Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Christina Aguilera, Victoria Beckham and Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. Celebrity men wearing Italian labels included or include Peter Sellers and even musician Elton John. The fashion capital cities of Italy began with Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome or Vicenza in the beginning and over time have gravitated heavily toward Rome, Florence and Milan with Rome and Milan being the leading fashion capital cities currently. Italian designers and their perspective labels include Gucci, one of the most popular among celebrities, Armani, Bulgari, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferragamo and Prada. Giorgio Armani is a creator of fashion wear of the high-end caliber, cosmetics, perfumes and even eye glasses. Bulgari produces jewelry, handbags, watches and accessories. Versace specializes in luxury fashions, items for the home and makeup. Dolce & Gabbana tends toward an urban influence and markets eyewear and clothing. Gucci’s lines include luggage, clothing, shoes and distinctive fabric treatments in many of the products. Prada specializes in hats as well as high-end clothing, shoes and accessories. In the past and now Italian fashion is a sought after commodity and a mark of prestige that serves as a main influence over all the other designers in the world today.