Month: January 2020

Old Charismatic Brogues

Today the markets are filled with brogue-shoes. There are many brands that design shoes hence giving a large variety to choose from. These shoe is popular footwear both amongst men and women. Women like wearing that shoes as much as men. Brogue-shoes are usually manufactured in four toe cap styles i.e. wingtip or “full”, “semi”, “quarter” and longwing; Along with four closure styles such as derby, oxford, monk and ghillie. The foremost advantage of the Brogues over other shoe types is their durability which is accompanied by great comfort. This has been the reason for their rise in popularity over the years. The classic colors of these shoes, Black and Brown, go very well with attire. These shoes have seen … Read the rest

Glamorous Christmas

With Christmas party dressing, as with any other occasion, it’s all about making a statement – and that means one statement not a whole chapter of them!

Choose one traffic stopping dress an amazing pair of statement heels or perhaps a substantial piece of jewellery and build your look around that – be dramatic by all means but do it with style.

Dresses are the ultimate in easy dressing and, if you’re going straight from work to event, choose a simple design and dress it up for evening with some party shoes and accessories – you’ll look chic and sophisticated especially if everyone else is in lurex and lame!

Colour is a big story this season and it’s fun to … Read the rest

Info of Knitted Retro Jumper Dresses

Jumper dresses can be worn in different ways but not every outfit or situation looks right or correct – they still have to be worn with a bit of fashion know-how. But knitted dresses worn in the right way manage to look good in ways that hard to describe. The natural flexibility of wool (maybe with a little knitted-in enhancement) is the basis for a good look. A knitted dress is likely to hug the body form more closely than anything made from cotton, if figure-hugging is the design. But acting cautiously, a looser fit could also be put together without looking sack-like.

Knitted dresses work in a very unique way, avoiding the need for supplemental patches or colourings, they … Read the rest

Nappy Bags

There are actually quite a few styles of nappy bags in today’s market; there are even camouflage ones that dads wouldn’t be humiliated to use. A lot of dads happen to hate having to carry pink bags with princesses or teddy bears on them, so this is sure to send a smile on his face.

A lot of stylish bags out there won’t even put a dent in your wallet, with several branded ones going for very affordable prices. Now, if you don’t mind spending a bit more when buying nappy bags, you can also look at some that have higher price ranges and are made of expensive materials like real leather, if you’d like. Several bags are even specially … Read the rest

Shopping in Shanghai

  • Nanjing Road- it’s a well-known street for shoppers. East Nanjing Road near the Bund has Shanghai department stores and you’ll also find plazas that sell mainly electronics; while West Nanjing Road has is by People’s Park and Jing’an Temple where you’ll find high end shopping centers. On either side of the road, you’ll find yourself surrounded by great restaurants for you to rest and dine after shopping.
  • HuaiHai Road- If you are looking for luxury products, you can find them on HuaiHai Road, home to major shopping plazas with stores that sell Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, etc.Maison Mode, a must see if you are shopping for high end clothing.

If you are looking to shop and dine, you … Read the rest

Modest Swimwear

If the phrase “modest swimwear” conjures up images of women ensconced in bathing caps and long swim dresses that were equipped with petticoats, you have the wrong picture. The most basic working definition of this phrase refers to any type of bathing suit, generally a one piece, which covers the midriff area of the body.

Fashionable modest swimwear generally incorporates bold patterns and geometric designs. These swimsuits are flattering, not frumpy. They generally include a lining for appropriate coverage and underwire bra cups for extra support. A swimwear line such as Magicsuit also offers bathing suits that have control paneling to shape and firm your body, These swimsuits display the assets you feel comfortable showing, minimizes the waist, and conceals … Read the rest