Month: October 2019

1950s Vintage Fashion

The early fifties saw the introduction of more ladies into the workplace, and the styles that were created for day to day wear included suits with a tailored look, skirts that hugged waistlines, and blouses that were worn discreetly under tailored jackets that were pulled in at the waist to give a flattering and glamorous look that accentuated shape and style.

The hourglass figure became the ideal as stylised by actresses like Marilyn Monroe, or took on the Audrey Hepburn demure and sophistication. Gone were the financial restraints of the war torn world, and the availability of materials was widened, meaning that the beginnings of mass production of affordable fashion was guaranteed to be a success.

The Festival of Britain exhibition in 1951 was to exhibit fabrics that had never been used before in the western world and the beginnings of a new era that was to shape the fashion industry’s future began from humble beginnings, though flourished because women were no longer thought of as housewives, and although many remained faithful to the society image of the mother in the home, a certain element of glamour became not only the norm, but an acceptable part of life for women all over the world.

Higher standards of manufacture were employed by companies like Marks and Spencer whose trademark for producing quality items shone, and the high streets began to sport those designs that had otherwise been beyond the price bracket of ordinary people, many of whom had resorted to making their own clothing, simply because of lack of availability.

Designers of the times such as Dior and Givenchy went away from the traditional towards new beginnings introducing shapes that emphasised the silhouette of a woman’s shape, rather than boning clothing in the uncomfortable manner of the 40s, realising that women wanted glamour though also wanted functional clothing that was more comfortable and easier to wear.

The world was looking at example, and nowhere was this more common than here in England where a man named Hartnell designed the clothing that would be worn by the young Princess Elizabeth who would be crowned in the early fifties and was appearing on television in homes all over the globe, influencing the way people perceived fashion available to the masses, whereas once it had only been available to those that could afford designs by Fashion houses like Christian Dior.

The fifties brought a new prosperity to the world, and also the vision of Hollywood greats, and the availability of cinema as one of the most popular forms of entertainment, which would influence women worldwide to the glamorous looks and style of their favourite stars.

Music was not exempt from it’s followers either, and the rock ‘n’ roll era was to make a split in fashion styles, taking women away from the traditional to the Teddy Boy styles that went hand in hand with jiving and lindyhopping. Here, the sporting of pony tails became popular with younger women, and even though this style broke away from the neat hairstyles of the day, the clothing style for women was every bit as feminine and glamorous with full skirts, emphasised waistlines, and subtle colour to fabrics.

With the availability of silks, cottons and natural fabrics, many home dressmakers were taking their ideals from magazines and media and translating these into creations, using the patterns supplied by the biggest manufacturers of dress patterns of the day, such as Vogue, Simplicity and Butterick, who had made the glamour styles available to those who wished to pursue the fashion style themselves without buying.

The Chanel style of suit was to become a popularised style and one that was creatively changed and modified to suit either the tall lady or the shorter lady, using different lengths and fabrics to achieve a totally different look, while keeping the neckline and open front of jackets in the traditional Chanel style, braided at the edges with contrasting material and worn with lightweight sweaters and blouses.

The shoes worn within this period of history by women of the time were elegant and were modelled on designs from Italy, dainty footed, and with heels that were slim, and even those breakaway girls that joined in with the rock ‘n’ roll crowd, sported the heels to complement their outfits, only turning to more casual shoes and bobby socks in the late fifties.

High Street Shopping

Remember these tips:

  • Price comparison is essential. Check the prices of the shops on line before entering the stores.
  • Decide on a price limit before you go shopping. What is the most you will pay?
  • Do research before you shop. Find out what is included in the price for a particular item.
  • Check to make sure the on line retailers have a good reputation for both products and services.
  • Think quality rather than quantity. Select fabrics that are of a good quality. Choose silks, rayon and linens..
  • Seek basic pieces and colors in simple styles. Decide on your basic colors, and get a few basic pieces in these hues. Start by buying a skirt, a pair of trousers and a shirt.
  • Use color to effect. Add a top to your basic trouser/skirt combination, and get another top with accents in the same shade.
  • Look for items that have been marked down.
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate. Let the salesperson know that you can get it cheaper at another store.
  • If you are not satisfied, walk away. You can always try somewhere

A cornucopia of shopping choices awaits on High Street, but before you go to the boutiques, designer outlets, niche fashion houses and well-known department stores, don’t forget-price comparison is important. Check prices of the items on line.

About Shopping Center

A shopping center, shopping mall, shopping precinct, shopping arcade or simply mall is defined as one or more buildings that form a complex of shops that represent merchandisers, having interconnecting walkways that enable visitors to walk easily between different units, along with a parking area. Therefore it can be simply defined as an indoor modern version of a traditional marketplace.

The term “shopping center” is mostly used in Europe, South America and Australia. In Hong Kong the frequently used term is the same, but might also contain words like “plaza”. However, in North America and the Philippines, the common term used is “shopping mall”. There are places where other terms are used to basically describe the same thing, such as “shopping arcade” or “shopping precinct”.

Shopping centers corresponded with the suburban living rise in many of the Western World parts after World War II, especially United States. Modern strip malls have developed from the 1920s. The design had a tendency to be inward facing from early on, where malls would follow theories of how could customers be attracted in a controlled environment. Similarly, the concept of having one or more big stores in a mall was pioneered early, considering that other smaller scale chain stores or individual stores would benefit from the shoppers that were attracted by the big stores.

There are some different types of centers, based on how large they are and where they are placed.

  • Regional – a regional mall is a shopping mall designed to service a large area (15 miles), larger than a conventional mall. Therefore, it can vary between 400,000 square feet to 800,000 square feet. It also has at least two big stores, and has to offer a wide selection of stores. The tendency of those malls s to have higher-end stores, which need a larger area to have profitable services, and may also have discount department stores. In vacation areas, these malls are usually tourist attractions.
  • Super regional – this is a shopping mall with more than 800,000 square feet of gross leasable area, probably 3 or more big stores, more variety, mass merchant, and fashion apparel. This type of mall usually is the dominant shopping venue in the region where it is located.
  • Outlet – this is a type of shopping center where manufacturers can sell their products through their own stores directly to the public. Some stores may be operated by retailers, mostly selling discontinued products or returned goods, and therefore having a heavily reduced price.

Components of a shopping center

  • Food court – typically consists of several fast food vendors that surround a shared seating area.
  • Department stores – these exist to draw retail traffic, resulting in people visiting the smaller stores as well. Physically, those anchor stores are located as far as possible from each other, in order to maximize the traffic amount between them.
  • Stand-alone stores – consist of satellite buildings, usually located on the same tract of land or nearby. Those stores may or may not be in a legal connection with the central facility through ownerships or contracts. They may use common parking lots or have their own ones. However, those stores and the shopping center are usually perceived as one single unit.

Panda Hats

All the controversy surrounding this endearing animal has resulted in a sudden boom in panda-styled fashions and accessories. We think that the best reasoning for this is that many people, who are unable to get involved in charitable or scientific developments to help the panda bear, still want to show their support and appreciation for the panda bear, even if in an indirect way.

Wearing a panda hat is one of many great ways to help project the image of the panda and to show how much you care about their plight. After all, the first place most people notice is your head and what you are wearing on it. Panda hats are simply adorable, but price and functionality is obviously quite important to all of us too.

Infants and children, in particular, are quite vulnerable to the cold weather and some of these great panda hats are just the tonic for keeping away the chill and the flu at the same time. Not-to-mention how cute the kids look, enjoying their animal hat as if it were the family pet.

As you will notice in our extensive collection of animal hats, panda hats come in a wide array of styles and materials, and fortunately a great range of prices to suit every budget under the sun. Some might go for the minimalist type of panda beanie, others might choose the fluffy, plush long panda hat. Other styles include panda hats made from fleece, panda hats with ears, or even the famed spirit hood which has been making serious waves in the fashion industry over the past year. The spirit hood is renowned as the ultimate luxury winter item for kids, teenagers and adults alike. No two panda spirit hoods are alike, and they are all produced in the local US market.

To help sift through the many different varieties of panda hats, we have created an extremely useful website to help anyone who is looking to find one at a brilliant price. With the tremendous effort we have put into finding you top quality products at great prices, we are very confident you will find something which is perfect for your needs and budget too.

Shopping in Majorca

Typified by the island’s bustling capital Palma which boasts of a rich assortment of shopping venues, Majorca offers shopaholics a chance to indulge in their passion. Be it trendy designer wear to local products which range from leather to pearls and footwear to ceramics, this vibrant island has it all and die-hard and casual shoppers alike will find themselves surrounded by countless shopping opportunities enough to tempt even the most budget conscious visitor.

Home to laidback coastal settings, stunning natural scenery and varied Majorca hotels, this scenic island also has a host of local markets which are ideal for bargain hunters looking for that one of a kind item which will make their collection complete. These markets vary from those that deal in local food products to popular flea markets where one can spend hours going through a wide variety of odds and ends. Those visiting the markets also have a chance to mingle with the island’s inhabitants and enjoy some colourful local culture which one may otherwise miss out on. Shoppers should also keep in mind that most of the markets do not take place everyday and thus it is a good idea to plan ones sightseeing tour to correspond with particular weekly markets which take place in different parts of Majorca.

Shoppers looking to save time can alternatively head to the island’s large department stores and commercial centres. Based around the main resorts such as Palma, these large shopping centres cater to those looking to conveniently find a wide range of products and fashions under one roof. Home to diverse shops, boutiques and food outlets, these one stop shop malls are also ideal places to do some window shopping or even get those last minute gifts for loved ones back home.

Those planning to visit the many shops and stores around where they are staying should also keep in mind that they are holidaying in Spain and thus siesta time is not to be put aside even when it comes to shopping! A great majority of shops are open in the mornings from 0930hrs (9:30 AM) to 1400hrs (2 PM) before closing for the afternoon, which is also a great time for weary travellers to get some rest after a long day of sightseeing and sunbathing. Evening heralds the island’s famous sunset and nightlife atmosphere and shops reopen from around 1700hrs (5 PM) to 2000hrs (8 PM). This is a great time for one to do some shopping before sampling some local tapas and partying till the break of dawn. While most shops are open from Monday to Saturday, operating hours are by no means set in stone and one will find some of the large department stores open even during siesta time.

So when next planning a family holiday or even an all out shopping excursion, be sure to find hotels in Majorca which are within easy reach of the island’s many shops and markets. Those interested in taking full advantage of this shopper’s paradise will find more in depth information available on the various types of Majorca shopping opportunities in “Shopping in Majorca: Retail therapy on an island paradise!”

Style of 1930’s Suit

The most dominant fashion trend in the 1930’s in North America till the conclusion of World War II was mostly dealing with the shoulder. From banjo sleeves to butterfly sleeves and overstated shoulder pads these became extremely popular by the 1940’s. This period also witnessed the extensive application and utilization of manmade threads that included rayon and synthetic. The 1930s suit was more flexible and softer in construction than suits of previous times.

The main feature of the 1930s men suit was the extra fabric at the shoulder. Whether it was a light padding or fuller sleeves the cut of the suit was sure to enhance your look. This new style of suit was adopted by celebrities too very enthusiastically. For summer evening men would wear waist length jackets with a cummerbund instead of a waist coat. For an evening dinner this would be followed by a single or double breasted dinner jacket. A white dinner jacket is generally worn with black trousers and bow ties.

One of the most popular styles of 1930s suit is the zoot suits. It played an integral role in the urban dance and music scene during this period. This type of a suit has a high waist with tight cuffed, wide pegged trousers. It comes with a long coat and padded shoulders, and wide lapels. The oversized suit indicated a revolutionary style statement. Zoot suits were used for special occasions. It is now considered as a luxury item since the amount of material required is quite huge. Most young men now wear a moderate version of these suits. You can style your zoot suit with a felt hat that comes with long feather. A pointy French style shoes can surely look great with your suit.

Everybody wants to know the meaning of the word ‘zoot’ but nobody is quite sure of it. According to the Oxford Dictionary zoot comes from the word suit only. It was first coined by the Mexican Americans. What makes these 1930’s suit different from a regular modern day suit is its baggy look. Instead of the basic colors like brown, grey and blue you can choose bright colors like purple, red, aqua and pink. This type of suits lost its popularity after this period. However, it has again come back in style and is surely one of the hottest styles of clothes that can be worn by young men.

Spot a Fake Hermes Bag

  • Engraved key Accompanying a Birkin bag or a Hermes Kelly, should be an engraved set of lock and keys. Underneath the lock, or on the bottom, the word “Hermes” should be etched into the lock. The number of the lock should be also etched onto the matching keys, and the keys and the lock should have the same corresponding number. Beware of any lock and key sets where the numbers do not match. On occasion a buyer may stumble across some older, vintage bags that also have the “Hermes’ logo etched onto the reverse side of the lock. Any contemporary Hermes lock, however, should only have the logo stamped onto the bottom of the lock. Some fakes may utilize information drawn from a vintage bag and mistakenly put the stamp on the back of the lock as well. The lock and keys, and all corresponding hardware attached to the bag should be palladium, or a 24 carat gold plate. Many counterfeiters when manufacturing the phony handbags will use common steel.
  • Label/Logo: Another common mistake by the counterfeiters in when it comes to the label. Often times, a metal plate, or metal label backing will be fastened to the interior of the bag, similar to the way a Fendi bag will display its label. However, Hermes will never utilize any type of metal logo backing or nameplate in the interior of the handbag. Any metal label anywhere inside the bag is a major red flag. Instead, specific and detailed series of embossed marks are utilized inside their handbags.
  • Leather accents: The leather zip pull, or pull strip should be horizontal to the zipper. This leather strip should also have the name “Hermes” embossed or stamped on it. Good luck and safe shopping!

Discount Shopping

To buy on the internet is the latest tool and the consumer is the real winner in it all. Searching online for discount is easy if you know where to look. For example, one of the most popular places for shopping specials is a comparison shopping search engine. Discount shopping is buying things below normal retail price. This means buying things at or below wholesale price.

Online discount shopping has come of age. Buyers all over the World have learned to take advantage of the convenience and savings of shopping for designer clothes, jewelry, watches and women’s shoes online. Online stores are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Online sales is a great way to cash in on the special offers made by companies and stores offering a whole range of products and services. Discounts range from gift reward points programs, certificates, bargain sales, clearances to free shipping offers to even free product offers. Searching the internet for sales is no longer the preserve of the poorest. An increasing number of consumers are willing to purchase only the product benefits and are unwilling to pay the cost of branding, expensive packaging and other sources of the emotional benefits that FMCG companies would like to imbue in their products.

Discount shopping is a fun and rewarding experience for many and is also available on many items at the store. The experience of getting new items for a less taxing price leads both men and women to spend more money than they intended. Shopping online is much easier and faster than going from store to store in your local town and struggling to find the gifts you need through crowded aisles.

Discount shopping is the latest tool and the consumer is the real winner in it all. It is becoming the favorite way of buying products, a great way to cash in and a fun and rewarding experience for many, men and women.

Stylize Evening Dress

Gone are the days when an evening dress had just one particular style. Today you can find a huge collection of evening dresses not just in a variety of colors but also in a variety of fabrics and styles. Different styles give an evening wear a different look thus giving your beauty and personality a unique touch. But this can happen only if you choose the right style of dress. Out of the collection of halter neck, strapless, backless, one-shoulder evening dresses, long, short as well as knee length evening dresses, choose the one that suits you best.

A halter neck style evening dress can be worn if you want to flaunt your neckline. The halter neck style tends to enhance the neckline drawing attention from the other areas. Halter necks are the best for the ladies who are slim and do not have broad shoulders. You can also find the halter neck styles in formal dresses. A halter neck long evening gown will be the best formal dress if you are attending a formal occasion.

A strapless evening dress makes a woman look enticing and sensuous. If you want to go for a chic look, you can opt for a strapless black evening dress. The strapless style goes with both long as well as short dresses. A short strapless dress displays a chic look while a long strapless dress shows off elegance and charm. For those who are not comfortable in a strapless dress can go for the one-shoulder dress style. For those ladies who have a sexy back and want to flaunt it, a backless dress is the perfect one. No other dress helps you in showing off your back like a backless dress does. Every style has its unique attribute, so go ahead and choose the once that you like.

If you do not have the time to go out on a shopping spree and search for these different styles of evening wear, there is an easy way to reach them. You can find online stores that offer such dresses. Various online stores also offer the tailor-made evening dresses, also known as the made to measure evening wear. So now even the plus-size women can easily get the dress of their dreams. Buying a dress online is not only easy but also very convenient as you can shop for your evening wear from the comfort of your home.

Shop Like a Man

Men don’t like the idea of looking for their own clothes but perhaps this happens because they often find themselves being clueless about their shopping. Here are some things that will help you shop better so you can find better items.

  • Invest in a suit. Yes its true – suits are certainly something that makes an alluring positive impression on other people as long as they are the right type of suits. If you don’t have suits already, you should take the plunge by buying a well fitted and tailored black suit. Razor sharp suits that cut a good silhouette will make a huge difference to your appearance.
  • Most men feel hurried and confused when they are shopping. The idea is to take a few deep breathes, calm yourself and jot down a list of things you actually want. Don’t think about shopping as some dull or forced task but think of it as an adventure that you are about to have.
  • When buying a suit stick to hand sewn stitches which are definitely more flexible. By simply checking the seams inside of the jacket, you can check to see if there is one single thread running in a wavy pattern or two threads joined in a more chain like style. Single thread in wavy pattern is a sign that the seams are hand sewn while the other is machine sewn.
  • When buying the overcoat, you need something made out of cashmere or wool. Those are simply the best materials to buy and you can even buy a blend of these two fabrics. Overcoats should also be waterproof.
  • Button fly trousers are great but you should count the buttons first. Two or less than two buttons are not such a great idea and you should ask them to tailor the trousers with a one-inch break. Only a small amount of cloth should go over your shoes.
  • When buying shoes learn to spot bad leather choices. Bend the shoes while testing as if you would bend your shoe while walking. When the shoe returns to flat position the leather should return to it original position but if it has wrinkles, that a sign that the leather is not of good quality. Also make sure you buy shoes in the evening or night time when they are most expanded.
  • Buying a sweater is all about the fabric and you should notice where the sweater is manufactured. Scotland and Mongolia offer the best wool while usually United States and some other country wool aren’t that amazing. If you hold the sweater to light and put your hand behind it, you will find that quality wool will not allow your hand to be seen through.
  • For cashmere sweater testing, rub your fingers after touching the sweater and look for a greasy residue. If there is any of this residue on your hand that is most likely from the chemicals that are used to make inferior cashmere look attractive. If there is no residue then you have got good cashmere on your hands.