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Info of Making Batik

The wax used in the batik-making process is commonly a mixture of beeswax and paraffin. Beeswax is used because it is easily shaped without breaking and paraffin cracks easily which creates the desired visual effect. Natural resins are sometimes added to aid adhesiveness, and animal fats make the wax more liquid. The exact quantity of ingredients for the wax is a closely guarded secret for each individual crafts person. Intricate details of the design are drawn using high quality wax while large areas are filled in with a lower quality cheaper wax. The wax must be kept at the correct temperature: too cold will set in the mouth of the canting tool; and too hot will flow too quickly and be difficult to control.

The wax is heated in a small iron or earthenware wok called a wajan over a charcoal stove or gas burner. While the wax is being applied to the cloth, the remainder is kept in a molten state. The tool used to draw the patterns on the fabric is called a canting or tjanting. This is a small copper container with a long thin spout. The wax flows down the spout and which is used by the artisan to draw patterns, lines or dots. The canting is attached to a bamboo handle to make it easier to manipulate. A batik maker will usually possess a number of canting with spouts in slightly different sizes.

Before applying the wax, the design is drawn lightly on the cloth using charcoal or pencil, or traced from a stencil. Designs are passed down over generations. An individual artisan will have signature designs or may be working to order. Batik from a particular region often uses the same patterns or motifs, and in Javanese traditional culture, certain designs are reserved for certain stations in life, such as the sultan or royal family.

After the design has been sketched out the wax is applied using the canting. The cloth is spread over a bamboo frame to allow the wax to cool and harden easily. The artisan will trace along the pencil outline or apply dots or other patterns. The spout of the canting does not touch the fabric; it is held just above the material. The pattern is usually waxed on both sides of the cloth. The finest quality batik tulis is truly reversible with an identical pattern on both sides. Great care is taken to not spill any wax on the fabric or otherwise make mistakes as they are virtually impossible to remove. If wax is spilled, the area is soaked in hot water and then the wax is peeled off with a sharp knife. However, spilled wax can rarely be completely removed without any spoilage which reduces the price of the finished cloth. Therefore, detailed work is usually performed by the most experienced artisan. Large areas are often filled in by less experienced apprentices.

When the design has been completed, the cloth is dyed in earthenware or concrete vats of dye. The amount time it is immersed in the vat affects how dark the color will be. After dyeing, the fabric is dried and further coats of wax applied if the artisan wants to add further colors with another dyeing process. A marble effect can be created by deliberately cracking the wax before immersion in the dye. The number of colors on a piece of batik shows how many times it was dyed and wax re-applied, and a higher number is reflected in a higher price for the finished piece. Traditionally colors were restricted to those from natural dyes but nowadays chemical dyes are used for a much greater range. After all the required colors have been applied, the finished batik is soaked in a solvent to dissolve the remaining wax, or ironed between sheets of paper which absorbs the wax.

Some batik for special occasions was decorated with gold dust or gold leaf. The gold was painted on to the finished cloth using a glue made from egg white and oil. The gold was often used to highlight aspects of the design. Gold is still used today, but often in the form of paint.

Traditional hand-drawn batik is very time-consuming and costly to produce so at the end of the 19th century, a method of batik production was developed that greatly speeded up the process. Wax is used to coat a copper stamp called a cap which is then pressed onto the cloth. The process is repeated until the entire surface has been filled. This method is very effective for repetitive designs but is often combined with detail added by the canting. Great care must be taken to align the edges of the stamped design in order to reproduce the pattern exactly. On lower quality, cheaper batik produced using the cap, overlapping lines can sometimes be seen.

Hand-drawn batik produced by the traditional methods and cap batik is still widely available across Asia. However, the majority of batik fabric and clothes is made using factory produced batik print: cloth printed with the traditional designs and colors but without the application of wax. Many of these factories and designers use computers to produce accurate repetitive patterns. On a smaller scale, some contemporary batik designers and painters using batik as a medium are producing designs and using materials that move away from the formal and traditional styles of their ancestors whilst maintaining the feel and elegance of the original concept.

Little Black Dress

With the beginning of the twentieth century, dresses were anything but little. Made of heavy weave, complicated structures and whale bones for support, Madame Chanel and her vision liberated women from these contraptions with the radical notions of simplicity, comfort and freedom.

Audrey Hepburn was the pinnacle of chic in a hit movie set in New York. In her black dress and dark sunglasses she set the stage for the LBD to move to cocktail parties where formerly, its domain was the funeral. And as a cocktail dress, it skimmed the body with a shortened hemline.

For a decade or two, the LBD was ignored in favor of hippie chic but vivacious color, flowing fabrics and longer lengths. It was the eighties that brought black into fashion and it has been the predomination hue for the fashionable since then. Only now, in 2011, bold colors and quirky prints are making a comeback.

Nevertheless, no closet should be without the essential LBD for good reason. If you happen to be a woman who hates shopping, never wear dresses or socialize much, even you need this wardrobe staple. When an event or important occasion comes up, instead of an emergency shopping expedition, you just take out your LBD, shed your jeans and are good to go.

If you plan to purchase a LBD, a few guidelines must be adhered to. It must fit perfectly. It must be of a timeless style. It must make you look both elegant and sexy. If you detest shopping, this is an even better reason to find the perfect one and be done with it. Do not economize here. The right choice will serve you well for years.

This will be the case when reuniting with old flames, lost lovers, former enemies and future prospects. Meeting these people in a sharp, shapely LBD will give you self-assurance. In the right frock you will be able to meet anyone, arrive anywhere with confidence.

For traveling, a LBD is essential. Your trip may be more about outdoor pursuits but eventually you will take in cultural events and visit a fine restaurant. That LBD in your luggage that you hardly notice amongst your hiking cloths will be your secret weapon.

As a woman with an extensive wardrobe, you are probably set with several versions. Good for you. Your only concerns will be that the fit remains perfect, they are clean and fresh and still in style. Very little maintenance is needed for classics.

Burberry Outlet

What exactly is the Burberry Outlet Store all about? The shop offers a choice of low-priced Authentic Burberry products for men and women. Although many local Burberry outlets offer some great deals, many times they will not offer exclusive items or will not have the product in stock. This huge online outlet mall is nothing like the outlets that have popped up locally in the U.S. With amazing low-prices and a huge attractive selection, this Burberry shopping center not only have stocks of the latest and hottest Burberry Products, but also offered are vintage and classic products.

As you may know, Burberry was invented by Thomas Burberry. It’s has been a luxury fashion retailer for men and women’s clothing, sunglasses, handbags and other accessories. It is a well-known designer brand, made famous for its tan plaid that graces scarves, handbags and clothing. It’s a popular British fashion name, manufacturing luxury clothing, handbags and fashion accessories. It’s been a household name that has evolved in the fashion industry since 1856. The fashion can be best reflected through their iconic trench coats and handbags.

Burberry has started several authentic outlet stores in America that offer discount clothing and accessories. It has two existing Brit stores, both located in New York on Madison Avenue and Columbus Avenue respectively. It is is definitely outperforming much of the competition in department stores. Burberry also has a Brit store in Milan, which is the first Burberry Brit store in Europe. Also it has evolved from fine outdoors wear into one of the top labels in high-end fashion today.

Burberry is back, and better than ever. With a string of accessories such as bikinis, sunglasses, rain boots, and more, it has become a must have for the fashion industry. Obviously Burberry handbags are a perfect choice for everyday use, a must have in your closet. Burberry’s designs have long been sought after by anyone looking for durability and style, including royalty. So if you are looking to save big on authentic items, check out the Burberry Outlet.

Shoe Styles to Wear With Skinny Jeans

Go with ankle boots

Ankle boots are back, and you’ll find them everywhere in as many styles and colors you can imagine. Whether you like cowboy-inspired boots, lace-ups or slouchy suede, you’ll be sure to find an ankle boot to suit your style. Ankle boots look fabulous with skinny jeans; their abbreviated shape sets off slim legs perfectly, elongating your legs by showing more of them. Plus, they’re fun, funky and right on trend.

Choose classic tall boots

Knee-high boots are the iconic foil to skinny jeans. Tuck your skinnies into tall boots and you’re instantly stylish, chic and polished. Classic riding boots are especially flattering with skinny jeans, so try an always-fashionable flat-heeled equestrian style to emanate preppy-cool style and take your look up a notch. But when it’s time to dress up a bit more, heeled tall boots paired with skinnies–especially skinnies in a super-dark or black wash–make you look glamorous and ready for a night out.

Try a flirty flat

Ballet flats have been popular for awhile now, and their staying power hasn’t diminished. While ballets look cute with other pant styles too, they’re especially adorable with skinny jeans. A cropped or ankle-grazing skinny jean with a classic ballet flat is the perfect flirty, Audrey Hepburn-inspired look–and flats are practical and comfy to boot. If your daily life involves a lot of running around, chasing kids or dashing from meeting to meeting, a ballet flat is ideal. As an added bonus, you can find ballets in tons of styles and variations, from casual to elegant. For a more casual look, try fun printed canvas, denim or classic solid-colored leather ballets. For a dressier or edgier look, choose flats embellished with jewels, flowers, ruffles or buckles, or go for a two-toned, cap-toed flat or one in an animal print.

Info Shopping in Edinburgh

Built toward the end of the Georgian period, Princes Street is one of three parallel streets laid out in a grid formation. The three streets run in a west to east direction from above the site of Edinburgh Castle, the other two streets are George Street and Queen Street. At the west end of these three main streets is access to Charlotte Square and to the east is St Andrew Square. It is at St Andrew Square that the Edinburgh branch of Harvey Nicholls is located. Not only can you visit one of the UKs most exclusive stores but, if you wanted to, you can sample the ‘Taste of Scotland’ in the stores restaurant. With a menu designed by Stuart Muir the £80 a head price tag is only in keeping with the price tags on the clothes and gifts, but then this is an exclusive store. Nearby is the Multrees Walk, a walkway which connects St Andrew Square to the bus station and the St James shopping centre. If you can’t find that exclusive designer label or outfit you’re looking for inside Harvey Nicholls then take a few moments to wander down Multrees Walk. Not only is their a Louis Vuitton store on the corner with the Square, but you could have your hair done at Vidal Sassoon’s or, if that’s not enough, there’s Emporio Armani, Catamini for the younger ones and many more designer label stores to choose from.

For decades the most famous store, or rather department store, in Edinburgh was Jenners. With entrances off Princes Street and St Andrew Square it is situated in one of the prime locations in Edinburgh. Now part of the ‘House of Fraser’ chain it retains its popularity with visitors and the loyalty of Edinburgh residents, remaining one of the places to visit whilst in the city. The undoubted ‘Harrods’ of the north it has occupied the building since 1838 and has over 100 departments that are spread over its five floors. Also, the store has had a Royal Warrant since 1911. There is another House of Fraser store at the west end of Princes Street. Walking down Princes Street between St Charlotte Street and St Andrew Street is, in my opinion, one of the best shopping experiences imaginable. Not only have you got a fabulous selection of shops; apart from the big stores there are others like Zara, Gap and H&M; but on the south side of the road you’ve got views up to Edinburgh Castle and the open spaces of the Princes Street gardens and the Scott Monument – shopping can be a truly pleasurable business. If you should choose to walk along George Street and, to a lesser extent, Queen Street and the connecting roads – you’ll find plenty of other shops including places like Lime Blue a jewellery and diamonds store.

Edinburgh is not without shopping centres. Probably the most significant one is the St James Shopping Centre, at the east end of the city centre, overlooked by Calton Hill. The most largest store here is the John Lewis department store. One of only three John Lewis’s in Scotland it was opened at the same time as the shopping centre in 1973. The shopping centre also has branches of Boots, Next and River Island – amongst many others. The Princes Mall is a small shopping centre between the Waverley Railway station and Princes Street; as such it has small branches of stores likely to attract travellers passing through the station like Tie-Rack and Body Shop. The Gyle Shopping Centre is off the A8 just inside the city boundary on its western approach. Although it is very much ‘out-of-town’ it offers people living on the west side of the city the opportunity to access some of the High Street brand names without having to go into the city. Stores here include the likes of: Boots, Body Shop, Monsoon, Next and Virgin etc.

Markets in Edinburgh these days tend to be rather formal almost corporate events, rather than providing a ‘cheap-and-cheerful’ approach to retail selling. Every Saturday between 9am and 2pm there’s an outdoor Farmers Market of 70 stalls on the Castle Terrace, below Edinburgh Castle. On the second and last Thursday of every month on Castle Street, off Princes Street, there is the Eating Place Market – which celebrates all that’s best in local food production. Also, at different times of the year, there are touring markets at various locations in the city. Such markets include a Christmas Market in the Princes Street Gardens and a German Market over the Hogmanay period.

Retail Parks for Edinburgh include the; Meadowbank, Fort Kinnaird and Straiton Park – which has an Ikea store. However, it is the Ocean Terminal at the Leith Docks, to the north of the city, which is the most prestigious. 75 stores, restaurants, hotels and a 12 screen cinema make this one of the most exciting retail outlets in the country. BHS, Top Shop and Debenham’s are examples of the stores and opportunities you’ll find at this shopping complex.

Florence Shopping

You’ll want to start by getting to know what’s on offer in the city itself.

Popular with tourists and bargain-hunters is the daily, open-air market of San Lorenzo. Or, check out the New Market, located under the Loggia del Porcellino, or the flea market, which is held near the Piazza Santa Croce on the last Sunday of each month.

Who, visiting Florence, hasn’t heard of the Ponte Vecchio – charming medieval bridge which spans the River Arno. Throughout the ages, it’s always been packed with merchants. Nowadays, its shops are brimming with delightful jewellery, gold, art, and souvenirs. Perfect for buying gifts for loved ones, the only problem is that you may not wish to part with the goods once you’ve bought them.

If you wish to browse designer label shops within Florence, make your way to the Via de’ Tornabuoni, where you’ll discover the likes of Gucci, Versace and Ferragamo. Perhaps you’re after Valentino, Armani or Pucci? Then just pop along to the Via della igna Nuova.

The Mall

Feel you can’t afford designer prices? You could well be mistaken! For, just outside the city – about 30 minutes from Florence – nestling in the beautiful Tuscan hills, is a wonderful, exclusive outlet center called The Mall. What’s more, there are even coach trips that will take you there!

At The Mall, you’ll come across all the top Italian brands at fantastically-reduced prices – often with up to 60% off!

Gucci, Valentino, Armani, Sergio Rossi, Ferragamo, Bottega Veneta… whether you seek stylish clothes, bags, shoes, sunglasses or jewellery, you’ll find a tremendous selection here, and at unbeatable prices. Just remember to allow yourself plenty of time for queuing up to pay for them!

Well, it’s good-bye from me… for I’m off on a trip to The Mall, to spend my hard-earned money on designer bargains, in true Florence shopping style!

Strategies for Shopping in Hong Kong

Brand fashion is the preferred choice for shopping in Hong Kong, such as Gucci, Armani brand, they do not usually discount on the mainland; but in Hong Kong, it is different. If you encounter seasonal change or festivals, these famous brands will discount heavily. If genuine brand is too expensive, over your budget, you may consider the Granville Road, the Palace Mall, Jordan Hanford House, and Garden Street. In these places, there are all kinds of wholesale stores, outlet shops, and second-hand shops. Although they do not have large scale and eye-catching name, they are all direct sellers of famous brands and the price is fairly low. It would be a good place for your bargain hunting.

The fur is very cost-effective to buy in Hong Kong; the top fur price here is just the 50% of UK, 75% of Japan. Besides, due to the warm weather in this cosmopolitan city, leather will be half-price sales as soon as the cold season passes. So it is very suitable to purchase brand-name fur and leather products in Hong Kong.

Skin care products, cosmetics and perfume sold in Hong Kong not only enjoy quality assurance but also have lower price because of tax-free. But be careful that clerk may sell the expired goods to you.

In coastal cities, many new couples go to Hong Kong to buy wedding ring, a large number of jewelry shops dot the streets everywhere. Various kinds of jewelry such as agate beads, gold and diamond seem much more expensive than that of mainland; actually it is not true, the color and clarity of the diamond in Hong Kong is much better; the workmanship is much more delicate. Now, Christmas is coming, it is the best time to go shopping, you would get Christmas jewelry with high quality but at a low cost.

If you are a sports fan, you shouldn’t miss the Fa Yuen Street, which is called “Sports Street”. Almost all the sporting goods and equipment can be found here.

In addition to fashion and cosmetics, if you want to buy cheap computer, you can go to small shops or street vendors in Kowloon. Besides, digital camera and accessories are relatively cheaper.

No matter men or women, wristwatches are also the focus for consumers. According to introduction, there are many top wristwatches that cannot be found inland, the price is much cheaper.

Getting Various Shopping Bags

You are advised to purchase satchels and packets with/without handles that are made of disposable and biodegradable materials. Using various shopping bags made of such recyclable and eco-friendly materials means a step further to keep environment free from harmful materials. If everyone thinks about it, then it would be a good step to go green. In this way, the day would not be far when the impact of greenhouse gases, CO2 emission, and harmful particles can be reduced to a great level. Offer purchased goods from your store in bags made of jute, cotton and other biodegradable materials is the right way of eco-friendly marketing.

Being the economic and successful way of marketing, these advertising tools are made of papers, cotton, Jute, and organza in an assortment of styles, shapes, sizes and designs. Having been in use for a long time as a traditional and economic way of marketing, distribution of shopping bags fulfill two targets making it easy to carry goods for customers and promote your business name. Custom printed packets also leave a remarkable impression and create a unique identity in customers’ mind for your products and services.

Today, there are a number of globally renowned apparel stores offer their clothing items in bags made of paper or other biodegradable materials. Whatever the reason, but they are truly doing good in protecting greenery and environment from harmful gases and other products. Today, supermarket worldwide are encouraging customers to get various shopping bags made of eco-friendly materials. So what you are waiting for, get a new line of eco-friendly bags for shopping and to go green.

B Makowsky Tote Bags

The brand predominantly offers shoes and purses; yet their bags are something that can simply take your breath away. These purses are available in different styles and designs; like there are the simple shoulder bags then there are cross-body bags, Damascus hobo bags and the beautiful tote bags and tote purses. Among this large variety of bags, although all are wonderful but the tote are really eye-catching.

B Makowsy has earned their reputation and satisfied clientele through their sheer high quality work and nominal prices. Usually, the branded bags available in the market are more than just expensive so many people find themselves unable to buy these trendy bags. But now, with a wide range of bags, you can throw all your worries away. All of the bags by B Makowsky, particularly, the tote bags will definitely make a style statement once you wear them to your school/college, office or even to your shopping expedition. They surely will earn you loads of compliments.

B Makowsky tote bags like all the other bags offered by this brand have a signature style of paisley lining and satin finished hardware. These bags are made by butter-soft leather which will make you feel your bag again and again. Moreover, they are light weight and contain pockets and dividers, which will help you, keep a lot of your essential day to day items in your bag. Furthermore, they are available in a large variety of different colors, so you will definitely find the perfect one for you.

Furthermore, this brand keep on bringing new styles in the bags and shoes so, in case you do not find the one of your choice, you can pay visit to their website or register with them to get the information of the new arrivals.

Shopping Destinations in Malaysia

  • Utama Shopping center – located at Bandar Utama, which the locals called 1U. It is one of the best shopping malls in Malaysia where one can see the best finds. There are so much to see here like wardrobes, furniture, home wares and a lot more. There are also places around the mall where one can enjoy various activities like bowling and fitness centers. One can also find the best variety of delicious foods in 1U shopping center.
  • The Mid Valley Mega mall – located in Kuala Lumpur that is a mega complex with office buildings and hotels. There are lots to find here with such as local and international goods. One will always find the things he need and even the interesting things he never would expect to find.
  • Suria KLCC – located Kuala Lumpur, at the foot of the very famous Petronas twin towers. One may not only get to find the latest and most interesting finds, but also to see one of the most beautiful and tallest buildings. There is also a park outside the Suria KLCC where is an ideal place to rest after a whole day of shopping.
  • Star Hill Gallery – located in Kuala Lumpur, has items that are made by both local and international designers. There are also dining stores where one can rest and eat after a tiring but exciting shopping spree.
  • China Town – located in Kuala Lumpur, along the Petaling Street and is a lively marketplace where one can find lots of Chinese goods and products. There are lots of things being sold here such as medicines, herbs, electronic products, home wares and other interesting stuffs. The street is quiet very crowded from late afternoons until the late evenings.
  • Low Yat Plaza – found in Kuala Lumpur, and a very well known place to find IT products and materials. Everything that involves IT stuffs is found here. From computer parts to graphic cards with all the latest and premium brands, Low Yat Plaza is where you can find all of them.